Nigeria: Meet the two Female Police Officers who broke the Internet in 2022

Nigeria: Meet the two Female Police Officers who broke the Internet in 2022

Two beautiful Nigerian female police officers  went viral on an online platform,  (tiktok), after posting some sultry pictures and videos  of themselves.

The two officers were spotted on the beach in the video with bikini seductively walking around while  making the video. 
It was clear in the video that the two officers were just having a good time.
 What let the cat out of the bag was when one of them posted the picture of themselves in a complete Nigerian police uniform. This skyrocketed the reach of the video online, as people started flooding into the comment section to complement how beautiful and attractive the two police officers are; even while on uniform.
 The video gained tens of thousands of views within days. 
Obaze Blessing, 28 and Obaze Emmanuella Uju 26,  are believed to be siblings, and at the same time, serving in the Nigerian Police force. The Nigerian Police force has in reaction to the now famous Police officers' video come out to dissociate the force from the act, which they described as " misuse of social platform". Adejobi who is the spokesman for the Nigerian Police Force told Nigerians that the two supernumerary police officers are suspended from the Nigerian Police Force until further notice.
According to him," the action of the officers is a breach of the provision of the Police act,  2020, and the Nigerian police force guideline for  Recruitment/Promotion/Discipline of supernumerary police (SPY) 2013, by the inspector general of police as captured in the video posted online by one of the female police officers".
Reacting to the suspension of the two police officers, a Nigerian veteran musician popularly known as Daddy Showky has condemned the action of the Nigerian  Police, stating that he sees nothing wrong in two young beautiful officers having fun outside their office. Its their human right, and they have the right to be happy. He also suggests that the Nigerian Police should go for feasibility study to know the impression of Nigerians about their personnels. 
A twitter user @MadeManKing has condemned the suspension of the two police officer accusing @policeng of being backward in their thinking and deeds. He also argued that the officers were clearly not on duty. They were just having fun on the beach. Why would the police force interfere in their private lives. Don't they have a life outside their job?
Their suspension from the job they love has generated a lot of reactions among Nigerians as people, notable figures in the society condems the action of the police. Arguing that they have a life outside their job.
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