I am the right man for Dj Cuppy, any other man in her life is fake- King

I am the right man for Dj Cuppy, any other man in her life is fake- King

Dj Cuppy and King

A young vlogger popularly known as "King" has taken to his Twitter handle to express his undying love for the Nigerian born female Dj, popularly known as Dj Cuppy. King as he is fondly called told who ever cares to know that he is tired of hiding his feelings for the Dj.
 Cuppy has been my crush for a very long time, i feel this is the time to let the world know about my feelings for her. I want her to know this too, he said.
King , whose real name is Sammy Kings Adams has taken to social media to confess his undying love for Florence Otedola. From all indications, he is passionate about meeting his long time crush as soon as possible, as he is ready to take her on a date.

According to him; he has been crushing on Cuppy long before he knew her father is one of the wealthiest men in Nigeria, so he won't care if anybody thinks he is a gold digger. Tell any body that knows her that I'm the real man for her, ge said.
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The post on his Twitter page was said to be delibrate as he tagged Cuppy in the now viral post. 
We were fortunate to have a chat with him one- on- one, King who is serious about meeting his life long crush told our reporters that he can't wait to meet her.
 He believes he genuinely loves Florence Otedola, (popularly known as DJ Cuppy) and he again affirmed that he feels they are meant to be together forever. 
He also said that any relationship the girl may be into right now, to him;  is a wrong relationship, because he is the right man for her.

"I know there's a serious gap between the rich and the middle class in the country. I'm from a humble background, a hustling background for that matter, but I believe if there's love between us, we can be man and wife"- King
Florence Otedola popularly known as Dj Cuppy has been ontop of her game for many years. She has many awards to her name, and currently undergoing her Msc at Oxford University, England.
On the other hand, King is a young and vibrant Nigerian with high hopes and dreams. Apart from his controversial love for Cuppy, he is a Vlogger, a digital marketer and content writer.
 This may have described his background.
 He is indeed from a humble background with a hustling spirit. He believes dating Cuppy and probably getting married to her would make his dream come through as he claims he found everything he wanted in a woman in her.
 According to him, he wishes Cuppy is not from a wealthy home. He wishes Cuppy is as accessable as any other Nigerian girl. When asked about how he is going to get her attention; he simply said; I may involve her parents

The problem with girls from wealthy homes is that they are most times not accessable. Coupled with the fact that Cuppy is a celebrity and does not live in Nigeria, this has made reaching her so hard, he said. 
How are do you plan to het her attention?
I may have to involve her parents, he said.

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