Chastity: South African Church issues certificate of virginity to members after test

Chastity: South African Church issues certificate of virginity to members after test

A church located at Ebulheni, Northern part of Durben has done the unthinkable by issuing certificates to virgins in the church after series of Virginity tests.

Nazareth Baptist Church, located in Northern Durben, South Africa has taken their sermon for chastity before marriage over the years to another level by conducting virginity test on young girls in the church, there by issuing them certificate if the test comes out positive.
Nazareth Baptist Church in Northern Durben has taken it upon herself to conduct virginity test for every young girl in the church.
People who would under go this test must be active church members, and must be 18 years and above
According to an insider, this is not the first time this is happening, it's an annual ritual done by the church to encourage chastity amongst the youths and the unmarried in the church. 
The test is usually conducted in the middle of the year and the certificates lasts for a year. This shows that in the middle of next year, the certificate of virginity the successful ones carries will be rendered invalid, there by forcing them to come back and prove to the world just like they did today that; they have not defiled themselves next year. 
This continues until one is married, he said.
The test for the 2022/2023 session was done yesterday (Tuesday) by the church, and certific├átes are already issued to the successful ones amongst them. Now, we start looking forward to 2023-2024 session of virgins. 
The successful ones of today will be celebrated through out this year, all through to the middle of next year, he said.
The glory goes back to their parents and the ladies involved. This is glorious!

South-African churches are always on the news for wrong reasons, as many people who claimed to be called of God do some writes things that makes Christian's ask if they really know God. 
Remember, a South African pastor was arrested for allowing his members swallow live snake for deliverance. Another South African pastor sits and stands on members during deliverance. Another one killed some of his members, because he claimed God has condemned them to death, but I think, this particular one is a good one- Samuel.
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