Moment Drake won 1Million dollar bet over Israel Adesanya UFC Win

Moment Drake won 1Million dollar bet over Israel Adesanya UFC Win

American record producer and song writer, Drake is full of joy after he won the bet on Nigerian born Israel Adesanya to win against his opponent, Jared Cannonier. The match was reported to have ended with Nigerian- Newzealand born pronounced the winner of the match.

 Drake who has been a fan of the UFC Champion had to bet money on Israel Adesanya to win the fight against his opponent. Drake placed a bet on the fight with $265000.00 two hundred and sixty five thousand US dollars to win a million dollar, and it happend.
This is the very first time the American mega start is winning a bet. According to an insider, there's what I called " Drake Curse" amongst his peers, this implies that any one Drake supports in a fight would definitely loose out.
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 It has been happening to Drake for years, and he has lost a lot of money on bets because of his Ill-luck.
Drake is a fan of UFC, and he is been following, supporting and puting his fortune on the line to have his favorite man wij the match. He has not been so lucky though. 
During the fight with Mayweather and McGregor, Drake put some good money on ground in support of McGregor against Mayweather. 
As luck was not on his side, Mayweather became the winner of the match, causing Drake to loose hundreds of thousands of dollars. 
People believed the rapper must have encouraged Israel to win as both of them were seen together before the match. Drake told Israel Adesanya that he had his $265,000 on the line for the fight. This must be part of the reason Israel won the match. Drake is however, smiling to the bank after the fight.