Justice must prevail in Deborah Samuel's case- IPOB

Justice must prevail in Deborah Samuel's case- IPOB

The recent gruesome murder of Ms Deborah Samuel over alledged blasphemy against prophet Mohammed has generated reactions not only from Nigeria, but from the international communities, with alot of people calling for justice for victim. 
Late Deborah was murdered in broad day light by her own course mates over an alleged blasphemy against prophet Mohammed. she was stoned, turtured and burnt to death right in the campus. 
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The video quickly went viral online with mixed reactions from the people. 
Although we have seen accolades from the well meaning Nigerians who are from the northern part of the country. 
 People like Adamu Garba II, who recently left APC due to the high cost of the nomination form, and now a presidential aspirant under YPP, took to his Twitter handle to tell the people of Nigeria, especially Christians to stop blasphemous words against their beloved prophet.
 According to him, the Muslims have their REDLINES; and if you cross it, you will be killed.
It seems there won't be any Justice for the late Deborah Samuel as support for the arrested suspects is increasing on a daily basis in Sokoto, Nigeria.

Hundreds of the people have taken to the streets to protest the arrest of the suspects, adding that they did the right thing by killing the blasphemer.

 The people terrorising the Eastern part of Nigeria, popularly known as "Unknown Gunmen", through their Twitter handle gave a Stern warning to the Muslims in the Eastern part of Nigeria over the gruesome murder of a young and promising Christian girl, Ms Deborah Samuel.

 According to the twitter handler; 

if the murder of Deborah Samuel is pampered by the Nigerian government, without getting the suspects to face justice as soon as possible, there would be no Mosque in the southeast that will be left out of the terror they are about to unleash on Muslims in the region.
Many Nigerian's are calling for the separation of the country, as many now feels the Northern Muslims are too toxic to live in the same country with. 
President Mohammed Buhari has condemned the gruesome murder of Ms Deborah Samuel and orders investigation into the incident, but many Nigerian's faulted his condemnation on the act carried out by her school mates, as they have alledged, the president never said the suspects would be punished by the law if found guilty.
"If you Pamper those who killed Deborah Samuel as you did to Boko Haram, I will end mosques in all Eastern region, and my men will face mosques every friday."