Actress Tonto Dike fires back at critics over her recent backflip video

Actress Tonto Dike fires back at critics over her recent backflip video

Nigerian Actress Tonto Dike has gone viral again as she fires back at her critics over her now viral backflip video. The actress was spotted backflipping in a now viral video showing her underwear in the process.
The video went viral quickly after sharing it online, with serious criticisms from her fans and many Nigerians. The actress, reacting to her critics took to her Twitter handle to taunt her critics about their ability to zoom and see her pants, at the same time reminding them of their inability to touch her private part.
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 The actress who seemed not to bother about her critics wasted no time in clapping back. She took to her Instagram page in response to her critics
" If you like, ZOOM ZOOM ZOOOO the thing you will see is very clean, it smells nice too, but such a shame y'all can't touch it, No be Juju be that??
Now dancing Ikwere dance for all the people screen shorting".
Tonto has been a great actress in Nigerian movie industry and has been around for many years. 
She is loved by many, not just for her beauty; but for being so outspoken and real.  Alot of people consider her a very strong, energetic and self-made woman who stands tall in the face of  troubles. As a single mother, she named herself "King Tonto". She is a mother of one and a divorcee. She was previously married to Mr. Churchill who is now allegedly married to her best friend.