Begger caught in Abuja with a large sum of money and a 100 USD note

Begger caught in Abuja with a large sum of money and a 100 USD note

A street begger from the northern part of Nigeria was on Saturday apprehended on the street with a large sum of money no one believe a begger should have.

Hadiza Ibrahim, who is a known face on the same street in Abuja was caught on Saturday with over Five Hundred thousand Naira (500,000) and a hundred dollar (Equivalent to fifty thousand naira) note in her possession.
According to those living in the area, the begger has been begging there for as long as they can remember. 
Hadiza who claims to be from Adamawa state, told the people that apprehended her that she was married with kids who are all grown up, and living in different places in Nigeria. 
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 The incident threw many onlookers in a confused state, as many are of the opinion that; she may be linked to some kidnapping and other crimes happening in the area.

 Some people believe she might be giving armed robbers and kidnappers some information while faking to be poor and begging for alms.

 Upon interrogation, Hadiza Ibrahim told the people that she got the money through begging, claiming that she has been begging for years. She has no bani account and she has been keeping the monies with her. 

Considering the rate of kidnapping in Nigeria, a lot of people tend not to believe her story; as many believes no one would possibly give her a hundred dollar note as a begger on the street. She was apprehended and taken to police station for further investigation.
The police spoke person of the FCT command said the following after the woman was handed over to the police

"People masquerades as beggers on the streets of Nigeria to give information to bandits, kidnappers, Boko Haram and the rest of the criminal gangs in nigeria, there by making living in those areas in peace almost impossible. 
Nigeria has come a long way interms of fighting the criminal elements in our societies and their informants. I want to assure everyone of you that this case will be investigated, and if this woman is found guilty, we will not hesitate to charge her to court"- Police spoke person.