Exclusive: Drama as Native Doctor Predicts what will happen to White Money at the end of the Big Brother Naija show

Exclusive: Drama as Native Doctor Predicts what will happen to White Money at the end of the Big Brother Naija show

Fans of White Money were left in shock after a native Doctor took to his Facebook page to predict what will happen with White Money at the end of the Big Brother Naija show, this season.

 The young native Doctor who goes by the name, Obioma Chuckwu has taken it upon himself to clear the doubt of White Money's supporters who were interested and anxious in knowing if their Icon will win the show this year or not. 

The native doctor told the supporters of white money through his Facebook post not to waste their time in believing that their Icon would be the winner of the reality show this year. 
 According to him, he saw everything that will happen at the end of the show, he didn't see white money winning the show. 
White Money will make it to the end of the show, but he won't lift the trophy. I see another young man winning, if you doubt me, just wait till Sunday. The Oracle has never lied to me before, I see things before they happen, he affirmed.

White Money has been ontop of his game since he came into the Big Brother Naija Season 6 house as he has always been talked about because of what he does in the house. White Money has always been trending on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and many other social media since he got into the house.
White Money who hails from Enugu state is believed to be a street boy, hustling to pay bills before getting into the house. People believed in his stories until he revealed that his father is a very known figure in Nigeria. 
He revealed the secret while talking with Queen in the BBnaija house and he said;

My father is a known person in Nigeria, if my father died today, it will make headlines on National News papers

White Money came into the house with strategies to remain in the house until he wins the show, by turning himself to the Chef of the house for weeks.
 The fans of the reality show all over Nigeria and beyond and the housemates believed he was cooking; Probably because he loves food, and does not want anyone around him to go hungry,(according to his claim). 

Pere who understood the game he was playing after two weeks of being the Chef in the house knocked him off that game Immidatey he was made the Head of House (HOH). This singular act by Pere let to a fight between White Money and Pere as White Money claimed Pere never liked him.
This is a game, and it's meant to entertain the audience world-wide, the native doctor who claimes to have seen the end of the show has claimed that White Money is not going to be the winner of the Big Brother Naija,  "Shine Ya Eye" season 6 show this year. 
We keep our fingers crossed and see if his predictions comes true.