5 simple ways you can make real money selling Digital Products online in 2022

5 simple ways you can make real money selling Digital Products online in 2022

Digital Products are more profitable than never before in the 21st century, as people all over the world are now becoming digitally inclined on a daily basis. 

Many people are becoming aware of the unlimited opportunities lurking around whenever they go online. 
Millions are employed by firms or  companies and are working from home up till this day; all thanks to the pandemic of 2020, the almighty Covid-19 has literally changed our normal routines. The only routines the world knows for centuries. Although it was tough on the whole world, but the pandemic literally changed our world forever.
Digital Products can't be held, touched or eaten, but some of us makes a living from these products every single day.
 let me have you know this; Everyone on the planet Earth consumes these digital products on a daily basis. 
I wont be surprised if you ask how?!
Let me have you know this; what you are reading now from this blog is part of the digital products we are talking about. Contents can be written and sold to people who may be in need of one. 
You can sell as many contents as possible to as many websites as possible and you make a lot of money.
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Good and Quality contents can be sold to bloggers, Websites, and Media companies around the world. I will definitely show you how... Just stick around.
What makes some of these digital products appealing is that; some of them can be created once and sold to as many as possible. 
Many entrepreneurs build their businesses on this fact, and they are succeeding.

What are Digital Products?
A Digital Product can simply be refered to as an intangible asset (Creative Assets) that contains alot of answers to questions in the minds of people. 
These digital products can be sold to people online without any need to replenish inventory.
These products comes as a downloadable /streamable digital files like MP3, MP4, PDF, Plug-ins or templates. 

The music you listen to is an example of ditial products. You either download it in MP3 or you stream it online.

You go on streaming platform like Spotify, YouTube, Billboard, and many streaming platforms we many not have mentioned here to download or stream any music for your relaxation and pleasure, the musicians are literally selling their digital products to you, which needs not to be changed or renewed. 

The music can be downloaded or streamed as it is for the next 100 years. 
The rightful owner of the product is making money, the streaming platforms are making money, you the fan is getting entertained; at the end of the day, everyone is happy.

Why you need to Sell Digital Products 
Selling digital product is far more better than selling physical products in the sense that
1. There's no or low overhead cost: Your products can be sold anywhere in the world without shipping fee. 
2. A very high profit margin: Unlike physical goods, there's no reoccurring cost in anyway, this means that you make more money than someone selling and exporting physical goods. 
3. Instant order delivery: Orders are delivered instantly even while you sleep. This is why some of us wakes up to seeing money in our accounts.
4. Creating Awarness through digital marketing: The world has become a global village. The world is now so small, when it comes to creating Awarness about your products through digital marketing. You can be in the comfort of your home and advertise your products to targeted audience, thousands of kilometers away. This is how beautiful and easy life has become.
5. Is E-learning the future of Education: The answer is a big "Yes" Covid-19 has made us see reasons e-learning will soon be adopted by many countries of the world. 
Digital Products you can venture into as a dummy and make money
 There are 1001 digital products you can do into and make some cool cash as a beginner, but for the purpose of this lesson, we have highlighted five 5 simple but top digital products you can have and make money with it.
1. Educational Products
2. Music and arts
3. Services
4. Digital templates and tools
5. Blogging
We are going to have short explanations for the above named topics. If you desire to have our full lesson on the topics, you can email us samdevince@gmail.com
1. Educational Products: when we talk of educational products, we are referring to online courses, creating educational websites, or writing content that is educational and mind opening.

  These contents can be easily sold to people, bloggers and website owners. 
You can have some good pay from that. Some might even want to keep you as their regular writer. You can write for Media houses as well. The fatset way to make money from content writing is on Fiverr. People look for you from all over the world, pay you to write great contents for them.
2. Music and Art: If you are a musician or an artist, there are many ways to make money from your talent. Musicians monitize their content on streaming platforms like Billboards, Boomplay, YouTube and many other streaming platforms. As an artist, you can sell designs online to millions of people around the world who wants a customized T-shirts, clothes, and many more. I will still recommend Fiverr for this job.
3. Services: You can make money from the comfort of your home by helping out. People are looking for ways to learn digital marketing, email marketing and thousands of things you probably have a good knowledge about. You can create a website, get a premium services on it, people pay and learn things they want to learn from your website. It's a great way to earn without much stress.
4. Digital Templates and Tools: Digital templates and tools is one of the best way to make money faster without any hindrances. It works for bloggers a lot. You can create templates for Digital Marketing strategies, Resumé, Gift Cards, Letterheads, Formal Letter writing, graphic design templates for brochures, flyers, posters etc. You can check websites like postermywall.com, canva.com to see things for yourself. 
You can also creat mobile apps' templates for businesses, design icons fonts for web designers, template for bloggers etc.
5. Blogging: Blogging has been around for a while and has turned people into real millionaires. I know a lot of people who are passionate about writing before going into blogging with the intention of making it a side huslte, but today, they are bloggers full time. I'm a blogger today because there's money in blogging. I started blogging because of the monetary aspect of it, but now, I blog with passion. You want to be an all time successful blogger, we have few cool tips for you.
a. Niche: You must blog with a niche at heart. Before you start blogging, you are required to ask yourself what you are passionate about. This will help you go a long way in blogging. 
b. Get a website: Technology has really made everything simple for anyone that wants to own a website. You can Google simplesite.com, WordPress.com or blogger.com, design your page to your taste and u are good to go.
c. Host your url: to be successful in blogging, for people to take you seriously, you need to own your address yourself by paying for one. Like tiznaija.com
d. Monetize your blog: The best way to mentize your blog quickly is by writing good contents and apply for monetization with AdSense.com. although there are many companies like AdSense. I tell you the one I use. We have adsterra.com, Propeller.com, Ezoic.com and many more.