Taliban fighters flies in U.S made black Hawk Helicopter in celebration of the departure of the troops | Tiz Naija

Taliban fighters flies in U.S made black Hawk Helicopter in celebration of the departure of the troops | Tiz Naija

The Taliban fighters have once again surprised the world after they paraded a captured United State made Black hawk helicopter with some military weaponry after the capture of Kabul which is the Afgan capital.

 The Taliban fighters paraded military equipments which is believed to be captured from the Afgan forces and U.S troops on Wednesday with a chant of joy in the southern City of Kadahar.

 This was done in celebration of the departure of the United States' army from the Afgan soil; as many of the Taliban fighters were seen on the streets of Kandahar in joyful mood on Wednesday.
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The Taliban held a parade in the southern city of Kadahar showing off the weapons captured from the Afgan forces during their recent take over of the country.
 The military equipments which are all made by the United States of America were said to be Humvees, multi-purpose trucks, and different types of amored Vehicles. 
The parade also featured some police vehicles and one Black Hawk Helicopter adorned by their now famous white and black flag, flying on it. 

Thanks to President Joe Biden and the American troops for disabling the afgan Military arsenal before departure, things would have been a lot more awkward as the citizens of Afganistan watched in fear and dismay the display of power from their new terror government and their forces on Wednesday.
Many great countries like US and Brittain have recently completed the evacuation of their troops from the land before the deadline given to them. This indicates that the country is now fully under the Taliban rule as the terrorists have taken over the seat of power in the capital.

 Many afgans are reportedly fleeing the country on foot to escape the rule of the Taliban as one of the fleeing citizen described the rule as the most barbaric and most cruel they have ever witnessed in the land.
 Tens of thousands of afganistan citizens were spotted fleeing the country through desert to escape the rule of the Taliban in the country.
Many executions have taken place in the land since the take over.
 People (Especially women and children)  are being killed for not wearing niqqab properly or for not wearing at all.
 Everyone in the  LGBTQ community stands the risk of being  beheaded if identified by the Taliban forces. 
Christians are being killed in large numbers, no one is safe- Mosah

One hundred and Twenty thousand (120,000 ) US troops were called back from the land after Joe Biden vowed to withdraw every single troops from the land before the deadline. However, not all the troops made it back home as a bomb blasts in Kabul Airport killed about 13 Marines while others are critically injured in the blast.
 Biden vowed to retaliate as ISIS claimed responsibility for the blast. 
President Joe Biden on Monday celebrated the successful evacuation of 120,000 America troops fr the foreign land as he called it a historic evacuation in American history.
Pictures from the Parade below