Scores dead as Lions of Panjshir attacks Taliban Fighters trying to take over the area|Tiz Naija

Scores dead as Lions of Panjshir attacks Taliban Fighters trying to take over the area|Tiz Naija

Taliban forces have reportedly met a strong and ununsusal resistance as hundreds of their fighters were reported Killed in the bloody battle between the Lions of Panjshir's resistance fighters and the Taliban forces as the terrorists attempted to attack the last free strong hold City of the resistance group during the week.

The Resistance Force of Panshir, tittled: The National Resistance Force (NRF) who are foldly called the Lions of Panshir, in Panjshir area of Afghanistan has vowed to defend the city with their lives, as heavy Gun battle was recorded between the NRF forces and the Taliban when the Taliban attempted to take over the city during the week.

 The Taliban who recently took over the seat of Power in Afghanistan after the US troops and Brittain troops backed out of the country were said to have had a tough time taking over the city of Panjshir over the years. They do meet strong resistance from the forces in the city, even after taking over the seat of power and every other place in Afghanistan, Panjshir appears to still be a no-go-area to the Taliban.
 Although there are many casualties in the ongoing fight between the Taliban and the NFR , but the seems not to be ready to give the Taliban any chance to enter into their City.
 The panjshir resistance fighters are said to be in combination of the local tribesmen with foreign trained commandos, retired police officers and soldiers, Afghan serving soldiers and police officers.
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The strong hold of the resisntace force is protected by mountains and forests and was reported to be hanging in a balance as there is a huge plan by the Taliban to storm the city with all their military arsenal to make sure the conquer the place, as Panjshir remains the last place unconquered in Afghanistan by the terrorists. 

The NFR also are fully ready to defend the city as they have stockpiled military hardwares, including RPG, Tanks, Helicopter, grenades, Machine guns, trucks, as they prepare for a long term battle. This battle may not last long as the Taliban are also prepared with Multi billion US dollars millitary hardware ceased from fleeing Afgan soldiers. 

The Taliban are also in possession of the country's Military Hardware, all of them. The resistance are known as the country's Lions of Panjshir as they have defended the city from terrorists' invasion for a very long time. The figures given about Panjshir is this; around 200,000 (two hundred thousand) people lives in the region and has never been taken over by terrorists in the history of Afganistan.
Although, after a heavy and decisive defense from the Lions of Panjshir, there was speculation among the Taliban that they have defeated the City, this led to the Talibana in Kabul leaping for joy and shooting sporadically into the air in celebration. 
This also has left 17 people dead in Kabul. Saleh who spoke to the BBC about the situation in Panjshir denied the Taliban's claims about defeating the Lions of Panjshir. According to him, Panjshir still stands, we are not moved by any threat from the terrorists because we are ready to defend our land, he said. 
He however charged people to disregard the rumor flying around that they have been defeated. Stating that its baseless.

Saleh has raged against the betrayal of the west, stating that the US allowed Taliban to take control of their country by withdrawing their troops from their country, he said.