Exclusive: I have not seen, nor heard from my wife since she left the Big Brother Naija House - Tega's Husband | Tiz Naija

Exclusive: I have not seen, nor heard from my wife since she left the Big Brother Naija House - Tega's Husband | Tiz Naija

It is no longer news that a married housemate was in the house of the Big Brother Naija season 6 reality show this year.  
The already disappointed and heartbroken husband to the recently evicted Big Brother Naija season 6 (Shine Ya Eyes) housemate has come out to tell the world how he feels seeing his wife having an affair with another man on National Television.

Tega who is originally from Delta State, a married woman with Kids came to Big Brother Naija house to look for money and to achieve her long time dream of being an actress in Nigerian Movie industry, but what came after was a big surprise, not only to the husband, but to the viewers and fans of the show all over the world.
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 The husband to the new evicted housemate granted an exclusive interview with Mindseed tv very recently. In his statement, he said that, he was shocked to his bone marrow to see his wife having an affair with her fellow housemate, Boma in the house on national TV. 

"That wasn't our plan", he said. "Few days to her departure from home, she told me she is going to do everything humanly possible to remain in the house, and I asked her what she meant, she said, she won't have sex in the house, but she might misbehave. 
I was not comfortable with that arrangement and I warned her to stay responsible and to remember that she is married with kids, she agreed, and I kissed her goodbye.
 I trusted her knowing how responsible she used to be at home, not knowing she is going to change in the house, I couldn't believe the character I saw on my TV screen, this is definitely not my wife. Tega is not this loosed,  I know my wife. I kept wondering what was going on."

The statement from the husband of the reality star is contrary to what she made her fans and the fans of the reality show  believed as she told the world the first day she came into the house about her marriage and about how understanding the husband is even if she misbehave in the house as a married woman. 

She told the housemates she is not going to have sex with any guy in the house but, she can do everything else with anyone. Not long after that, she was kissed passionately by a fellow housemate during the truth- or-dare game. 

She eventually got into a relationship with Boma, a fellow housemate as a housewife. They were caught by camera many times in the middle of the night making love in the house. 
This has led to serious backlash from the fans of the show and their fans as people called for their eviction from the house.
According to the husband, when he saw the videos, he was heartbroken, he couldn't believe his eyes. 
My wife having sex with another man on National TV is really heartbreaking. I can't even go out of my house this days as people gossip and point at me everywhere I go, he added.

He was asked by the interviewer if he has seen his wife since her eviction from the show, he replied; I have not seen nor heard from her, I have not called her, she has not called me as well.
In the Big Brother Naija house, some housemates like Yousef, Jaypaul and Angel tried to warn Boma and Tega about their behavior in the house but the duo chosed to turn deaf ears to the warnings from the housemates.

When Tega got her boobs sucked by Saga, a fellow housemate on live TV during the truth or dare game, Yousef who wasn't comfortable with the act asked Tega how the husband would feel seeing her do such thing on National TV, she simply replied: 
it was a planned thing and he understands with me. 
She got kissed passionately by Boma on the TV, Jaypaul who wasn't comfortable with that behavior asked Boma to stay clear of Tega, reminding Boma that the lady is married with kids, Boma never listened until their first Sex in the middle of the night in the house. 
They have had intimacy countless times in the house as they appear to be so crazy about each other while in the house.
Alleged picture showing condoms under a pillow where Boma and Saga slept in the shaderoom during the stay in the Big Brother Naija house 2 days before evictiom