Exclusive: Gorillas in Atlanta Zoo tests Positive for Covid-19 |Tiz Naija

Exclusive: Gorillas in Atlanta Zoo tests Positive for Covid-19 |Tiz Naija

Covid-19 is not only happening to humans; as several Gorrillas in the Southern state of Georgia, Atlanta have tested positive to Covid-19. 
The Gorillas in the zoo were tested after showing some symptoms of Covid-19. The keeper who saw the Gorillas coughing and sneezing became curious to know what was going on with the animals in his care. The initial test indicated the animals were positive for the SARS-Cov2- Virus that causes Covid-19. 
The zoo is said to be waiting for the confirmation of the second test from the National Veterinary  Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa to fully confirm if the animals are positive to the virus. 
The team are already monitoring closely the affected animals and hoping for quick recovery. 

Sam Rivera (Senior director of animal health at zoo in Atlanta), spoke to the media very recently about the situation of things in the zoo, he confirmed the recent development with the affected animals and assured the general public that the animals are receiving the best possible care from the team; however, we are very concerned about the recent infected animals, we have always worked hard in making sure that the virus does not get to the susceptible animals, we take every precautions when coming into the zoo.

 Even when there was a serious wave of the pandemic everywhere, we were still working here, making sure the animals are well fed and all, there were no infections in the zoo. I'm particularly flabbergasted how these animals got infected in the first place, he said.
I believe, visitors do not pose any threat to the animals as the often stand as far as possible from the animals and their facemasks are always covering their mouths and noses. 
The animals got infected despite having the workers in the zoo fully vaccinated, he lamented. The Atlanta Journal- Constitution reported on Friday that about 13 Gorrilas were infected with Covid-19, including a 60 years old Gorrilla, Ozzie, the oldest Gorrilla in the zoo. The zoo in Atlanta has been authorized to use the zoetic Covid-19 vaccine developed for animals.