BBNaija: God buttered my Bread today, I saw you taking off your bra- Saga to Nini

BBNaija: God buttered my Bread today, I saw you taking off your bra- Saga to Nini

Saga and Nini are both on the news again for obvious reason as usual; as Saga jokingly told Nini about how lucky he was to have had a glimpse at her breast

Saga who couldn't control his joy told Nini about how lucky he felt when he bumped into her changing her bra. It is believed by the viewers of the reality show that Saga is simply obsessed with Nini, as many people are judging his feelings for whom he described as the person he loves.
The way we see Saga, it seems people's opinion does not count where he is, as he appears to be so into Nini.
Recently, Biggie gave Nini a task to disappear from the house for 24hours, after complaining of exhaustion during her diary room session.
 She did not tell anyone, including her best friend Saga. She literally disappeared from the house, and her disappearance was a huge blow to Saga emotionally and mentally. He couldn't eat nor drink. He reportedly wept after searching for Nini for hours to no avail. 
He was seen trying to get Big Brother's attention by going to knock on the diary room's door for answers to Nini's where about.
 His efforts proved abortive as there was no Big Brother's voice to answer the questions on his mind about the disappearance of the love of his life.

 Saga who has showed to the fellow housemates about his love for Nini has done a whole lot to prove to Nini, the housemates and the fans of the show that he genuinely loves her. 
Saga once told Nini about his plans for them outside the house and it sounds cool to everyone. Their fans are keeping their fingers crossed to see if his plans will push through after the show.