White Money Cooking for 22 People everyday is what  even 5 women can't do- Nini | Tiz Naija

White Money Cooking for 22 People everyday is what even 5 women can't do- Nini | Tiz Naija

Nini, the current housemate of the Big Brother Naija Season 6 has come out to air her view on the issue with White Money and Pere.
" According to Nini, cooking for 22 matured people in the house morning afternoon and evening every f**cking day is what even 5 women can never do. If it's a strategy, leave him. No body can do what he is doing for every housemates in this house, he made himself a slave for everyone to be satisfied in the house. His type is rare"
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Recall that Pere who was one time the Head of House, saw how selflessly White Money was cooking for everyone in the kitchen, he was never cool with the decision of white money to always remain in the kitchen and to make sure no one is hungry in the house. Pere, against all odds thought otherwise. 

According to him, White Money does not want to be put up for eviction, that's why he is monopolizing cooking in the kitchen, with that, non of the housemates would put him up for eviction, he said.
He told Maria almost immidately he won the Head of House game and having Maria as the deputy the following:

"I understand his game, I'm going to knock him off that game, I will send him to the toilet to be taking care of that. We all can cook, don't we?"
He eventually did as he said by banning White Money from the Kitchen and putting some other persons in the kitchen to be cooking. It was a day later, the plan backfired as there was shortage of food in the house. 

This made housemate resorted into hiding noodles and water in different places before the end of his tenure as the head of house. White Money has now returned to the kitchen to cook for everyone else as usual, but pere who seems to still be hating on him still complaining about his strategy to win the 90 Million naira at the end of the race.
Pere who is now known as a hater by White Money fans is also seeing White Money as a threat to his winning the grand price in the house.
People are of the opinion that Maria could be the cause of this rivalry between the duo, but White Money has shown Maria that he is not interested in her any longer. Pere has bee with Maria for over 19 days and still looking for ways to get rid of white money for him to have full access to Maria.

 He probably feels White Money is a distraction to Maria. And he needs to win her heart as soon as possible.
While some few housemates may be cool with what Pere is doing, Nini feels it's uncalled for.
 According to Nini, if cooking all the time is his strategy, leave him, it's not easy to be a slave to 22 people, at least, he is paying the price for that strategy.