Reactions as Muslim Activists wear "Buhari Must Go" T-Shirt to the Mosque in Abuja without arrest | Tiz Naija

Reactions as Muslim Activists wear "Buhari Must Go" T-Shirt to the Mosque in Abuja without arrest | Tiz Naija

A group of Muslim Activists, on Friday stormed the Juma'at prayer wearing "Buhari Must Go" T-shirt. 
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The activists who seems to be angry with President Mohammed Buhari's Government first observed their Juma'at prayer inside a Mosques near Aguma Palace before proceeding to join the Muslim faithfuls in the overflow at the central Mosque to observe the Juma'at prayer.
 The youths who were six in number said that the government of President Mohammad Buhari is the worst government they have seen in a long time as things are getting from bad to worse on a daily basis. 
Speaking to Tiz Naija, the Activists said that there is rise in corruption since the inception of this government, killings, inflation, nepotism and job losses among the masses. 

We can't fold our hands and watch the country for down under this government. This is our own little way of calling for a change of government for the betterment of the country and the citizens.

The activists who dared the security operatives in the Mosque during the Friday Juma'at prayer insisted that President Buhari must resign, as they claim the country is on auto pilot.
 The group were seen exchanging pleasantries with their friends after the Juma'at prayer in Abuja without security operatives making any move to get the Activists arrested just like the incident that happened on July 4th at the Dunamis Headquarters in Abuja (Dunamis 5).

It would be recalled that 5 worshippers who are also activists were arrested at the Glory Dome, Dunamis Headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria  Last month for wearing "Buhari Must Go" T- Shirt to the Church.

 The security operatives clamped down on the 5 worshippers after coming out for alter call, according to report, the Church security operatives did the arrest and handed them over to the Department of State Service (DSS) for persecution.

 According to eye witness, the overzealous security operatives, after the arrest forced them to delete the Facebook Livestream, seized their phones before handing them over to the DSS. The Dunamis 5 were reportedly detained in an underground cell for over 30 days, and were denied acess to their lawyers and family members.

Global human rights body popularly known as amnesty international had repeatedly called for the release of the Dunamis 5 to no avail. According to the body, the young men were exercising their human rights as indicated in the 1999 constitution. 

Despite the calls from Nigerians, the federal high court and the international human right body to release the 5 Activists, DSS continued holding them for reasons best known to the agency.

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Nigerians have been clamouring for a better governance for the country, despite the intimidating tendencies from the federal government, but we must get there- Samuel

Nigerian youths have tried many times to send a clear message to the government of President Mohammad Buhari about the situation of things in the country through protests, instead of positive change, things are getting worst by the day- Yusuf 

The only way to get the change that we need is to get our voter's card ready, let's show this people the way out in 2023- Gbenga