Georgian Woman Arrested for Masturbating at the Beach, says it took 20 seconds | Tiz Naija

Georgian Woman Arrested for Masturbating at the Beach, says it took 20 seconds | Tiz Naija

A Georgian Woman, Christiana Revels-Glick, 34 was during the weekend arrested at a beach in Georgia for masturbating. According to the source, the woman was arrested at the Deck Restaurant, close to the typee Island, Georgia.
 She admitted to the Police that she was the person they were looking for. 
According to her, she had a moment of self-love and she didn't know anyone witnessed that moment, it took just 20 seconds to orgasm. 

Police asked Revels-Glick if she had been using a vibrator on the beach; Revels- Glick said that she had put it within her legs and she used her towel to cover it, she believed that no one saw her when masturbating, she said.

However, a witness named Sarah Moss reported that she had seen a woman performing a sexual act on the beach. 

The suspect was said to have committed the act on the 1st of July when she was found on the beach with her towel on the sand at about 5:30PM, opens her backpack and removed what looks like a vibrator.
 Sarah Moss who was an eyewitness removed her phone to video cover what she described as a weird behavior of the woman at the beach. 
The video clip from Sarah's phone has now become the evidence against Revels-Glick.  
In the video, the suspect is seen sitting on the beach wearing a green Bikini, retrieved an unknown item from her backpack suspected to be vibrator, the suspect in the video now spread her legs apart with both hands between her legs. 
The witness, Sarah Moss also told the Police that she could hear the suspect moan at this point.

 This happened withing 20 seconds in the video, the suspect was now seen returning the unknown object to her backpack, according to police report. 
Based on evidence from the video, Police tracked down the suspect who lives some 40 Miles away from the scene of the incident. In her statement, Revels admitted to masturbating at the beach, but didn't think anyone saw her do that on that day.
The police retrieved the vibrator from her backpack, the photographs of the item were taken for an evidence against the suspect.
Revels-Glick was charged with Indecent Exposure and Disorderly conduct before being released on subpoena.