Exclusive: Mental illness forces a Housemate to withdraw from the Big Brother Naija House |Tiz Naija

Exclusive: Mental illness forces a Housemate to withdraw from the Big Brother Naija House |Tiz Naija

Kayvee withdrew from the Big Brother Naija house on health ground

The Big Brother Naija Season 6 tagged; "Shine Ya Eye" has been up and running for 3 weeks with a lot of drama in the house. This time the drama is no longer from the housemates or Biggie as usual, but this has affected one of the newest and a promising housemate in the house so badly.
  Kayvee who was among the four housemates that was introduced into the house, after the first eviction show last Sunday; has obviously brought his race for the 90 million naira grand price, set for the winner of the 2021 Big Brother Naija Season 6 reality TV show to an end due  I'll health. 

This was made known to the housemates through Pere who was the Head of House. Kayvee was discovered lately to be having some mental breakdown and slipping into serious depression while in the house.

 He was said to be acting weird lately, and staying away from his fellow housemates for reasons he later disclosed to Tega, when he was confronted by the only married woman in the house. He was asked  why the sudden change of behavior and attitudes from him towards the other housemates.

The already psychologically stressed housemate said that; he feels the whole housemates are teaming up against him. He feels there's a serious conspiracy going on in the house against him, he feels it's best to stay away from those conspiring against him. According him, he he is struggling to keep up with the game.

He was later called upon by the Doctor in the house for cross examination, after which he was adviced to step down from the show, to focus on treatment as he was slipping into serious depression already. The announcement of his exit from the house was an emotional one for the housemates and his fans. 

The housemates were however blamed by his fans for not carrying him along. Some argued he needed just who to talk to, but no one was there when he needed people around him. 

Kayvee seemed to have his eyes on Angel, but couldn't have her, that may have affected his mental health as Kayvee became a different person entirely in the house this week- Fan

Kayvee was said to have withdrawn from other housemates and became very quiet in the house. The housemates couldn't decipher the signs and could not help him out of what was coming to him. 
Kayvee is going to be Ok! Doctors assured, he just needs some rest.