Exclusive: How to retrieve the  Money already sent to Scammers in Nigeria |Tiz Naija

Exclusive: How to retrieve the Money already sent to Scammers in Nigeria |Tiz Naija

Technology has caused tons of changes to our world. If you inquire from me, i might say; it has significantly transformed our day-to-day activities in numerous ways in which we might not have imagined decades ago. 
In 21st century, technology has made buying, selling and making transactions easy and accessible to everyone. This is why someone would be in Nigeria and buy goods from abroad,they would be delivered to his/her door step at the given period of your time without hitches most times. 
Just like many other industries, the e-commerce has also witnessed an incredible transformation over the years in Nigeria, following the rise in penetration of the world wide web and the internet services within the country.
 This has ushered many people's businesses online as they get to advertise and reach more people with their products and services faster than ever. 

Many Nigerians are scammed over the years by fake online vendors who would tell you to invest some amount of cash in their fake businesses and obtain double of the cash invested back in half-hour. Many have fallen for this trick, and are still falling for it.

If you have ever been scammed by any of these online vendors and you are looking for ways to retrieve your money from their bank accounts, here are things you must do quickly to get your money back.
How to recover your money after being scammed in Nigeria
* Take a screenshot of the conversation you have with the vendor
 The conversation you had with the vendor through Instagram, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp or text message stands as a good evidence to the authorities and even the bank you want to go for complaint. Take the screenshot(s) of the conversation as you prepare to get your money back.
* Copy out the full name and the account number of the vendor who scammed you
 This process is very important as you would be asked of the full name and the account number of the vendor who went with your money.
*  You made the transaction through your mobile app, USSD or SMS? This is what you should do 
Just go to your transaction history, copy out the "Transaction ID Number"

Note: All banks have a team in charge  of online fraud, quickly send an email to your bank's E-Fraud team, as well as the online vendor's bank with proof of transaction. Don't forget to also forward the copy of the mail's to CBN FRAUD DESK. 

This would help the bank to place the scammer's account on hold. 
When this happens, the vendor would not be able to carryout any transaction until they visit the bank for complaint.
* If you don't have the banks email address, this is what you must do
Search for both your bank's and the vendor's email address on Google, or on their official websites or you can simply walk into the banks, go to the customer care unit and complain to them. You would be given the address before you know it.

Your bank will even direct you on the steps to recover your money
*Report to the Police and also speak to a lawyer to file an expert court order
 With a court order, the bank can conviniently release the scammer's information to the police to help track and recover your money.
This steps has helped many people within the country to recover their monies from scammers in different parts of the country.

 We will also advise you to look before you leap when it comes to any online investment opportunities and all. This has now become the easiest way to scam people in this present day in Nigeria. 
Before you go for any purchase or online investment, we advise you to:
* Look out for reviews on the page before you start shopping
* Avoid vendors that have no refund policy
* Do not go for give aways on unknown pages on social media and websites. Sometimes, they tell you to send some amount of money to them before you can be given some money.