Exclusive: Bandits shoots at military plane searching for Abducted Major from NDA in Kaduna | Tiz Naija

Exclusive: Bandits shoots at military plane searching for Abducted Major from NDA in Kaduna | Tiz Naija

 Troops of the Nigerian Airforce in search of the recently abducted Major Christopher Datong by some assailants believed to be bandits are reportedly having a tough time searching for the abducted soldier.
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Recall that there was a major security breach in the Nigerian Defense Academy, located in Kaduna state very recently in the country.
 This security breach involved some set of  people who are believed to be bandits broke into the compound of the academy, killed some soldiers in what is believed to be a terror attack, and at the same time kidnapped Major Christopher Datong while leaving the premises.
 The bandits are still at large as at the time of writing this report, but soldiers who are on the mission to rescue the Kidnapped general are reported to be having a tough time in the bushes, with bandits shooting at any military Jet or helicopter seen close to where they are. 
Sahara Reporters reported about the tough terrain and the unfriendly whether in the area which has made searching for the abducted soldier very difficult.
According to an army general who granted interview on the ongoing search for the abducted General, he said that there are countless number of bandits in the bushes around Kaduna axis, they are of different groups. 
You wouldn't know the group that abducted the general, but we know he should be somewhere in those bushes. You can't bomb them, because you may likely kill the general and the whole of other hostages with the bandits, we don't want that to happen.

They shoot at the military aircraft if you fly too low, and the whether is not also helpful. We are having a difficult time in searching for hostages in the bushes, he said. Contrary to reports circulating on social media that the body of the abducted major was found later after the abduction, a family member of Major Datong confirmed to Tiz Naija that his brother is still alive and well in the Kidnappers' den. 

I spoke with him on the phone in the morning when they called. He is still breathing and we hope to rescue him as soon as possible. We want the government of the federation to put more effort in securing the release of my brother from his abductors. They are demanding 200 million naira before his release, he said.

Nigerians who are both home and abroad have expressed their dissatisfaction over the incident that happened at the Nigerian Defense Academy, NDA Kaduna very recently and are calling for investigation over what many described as a major security breach in the country.

One of the Angy Nigerians told Tiz Naija that; Nigerians can no longer fold their arms and watch the so-called bandits or criminals who are hiding in the bushes bastardize the security system in the country. We must speak out because this is getting out of hand all we want is to bring this set of criminals to justice, nothing more, nothing less.