BBNaija: Pere is Fighting me because he feels I'm a threat to him- White Money | Tiz Naija

BBNaija: Pere is Fighting me because he feels I'm a threat to him- White Money | Tiz Naija

The fight between White Money and the new Head of House, Pere is far from over as Pere has just crossed the line by sacking White Money who has been the kitchen boy from the kitchen.
 It all started when Pere won the Head of House Game for the week, he immidiately nominated Maria, (his crush) to be the deputy Head of House as he was asked by Biggie to choose a deputy. 
Pere told Maria about his plans to change the game by sending White Money who is always in the kitchen cooking for everyone out of the Kitchen to the toilet. Pere feels the kitchen is being monopolized by White Money, there by making him immuned to eviction in a way. It is his strategy to stay in this house without getting evicted. Housemates will feel that if he is gone, no one to cook for the whole house, that would make housemates not to put him up for eviction, he said.

Pere has been struggling to attract Maria to himself since the very first day he set his eyes on her
Maria seems to like White Money and not Pere. 
Pere called for an emergency meeting on the 11th of August and told the whole house that White Money has been in the kitchen cooking since the first day they entered the house. It's high time he left cooking for some other person's. 
Enough of Kitchen monopoly, he said.
In reaction to Pere sacking him from the kitchen, White Money, in conversation with Queen said that 

"Pere is fighting me because he feels I'm a threat to him, I will kill him with Kindness"

People at home have attributed the fight against White Money to Pere's love for Maria as some of the viewers accuse him of trying to get rid of White Money so that Maria can be focused on him.
Recall that Pere woke Maria up in the dead of the night from her bed to confess his love for her. 

It is not clear if Maria have accepted the love advances from Pere as at the time of writing this report, but from all indication, Pere is fully into Maria and would do what ever it takes to get any distraction out of the way, of which White Money is the force behind that distraction.