BBN: I advised Maria to evict White Money with her Veto Power- Pere to Michael|Tiz Naija

BBN: I advised Maria to evict White Money with her Veto Power- Pere to Michael|Tiz Naija

The fight between Pere, the former Head of House and White Money, is far from over as pere recently told Michael about his plans for White Money for this eviction week. Pere confessed to Michael about making Maria see reasons to use her veto power to get White Money evicted from the Big Brother Naija Season 6 house.
Michael who was astonished by the confession from Pere couldn't utter any word during the discussion.
 Recall that Pere has shown to the Housemates and White Money in person  that he doesn't like him through his words and actions. 
Pere is doing what ever it takes to get rid of White Money from the Big Brother Naija house. He got into a fight with White Money some days ago after his attempt to openly bully White Money in the house.

 Although his action before the escalation of the issue was condemned by many, but Pere feels cool with his actions as he has vowed never to apologise to White Money even if it will cost him his race for the grand price of 90 Million naira in the Big Brother Naija house. 
Their rivalry started when Maria picked interest in White Money during their early days in the Biggie's house. No one knew Pere was going to fall for Maria in few days time, but it happened. 

He woke Maria up in the dead of the night to express his feelings for her. It seems Maria does not really like Pere, but they became close after the incident. Few days after that, Pere won the Head of House game. He wasted no time in chosen Maria to be his deputy Head of House for the week. He told Maria in the Head of House lounge that 

White Money is using a strategy to stay in the house. His strategy of course is cooking for every housemate, he uses that to make the rest of the housemates dependent on him, I understand the game, and I'm going to knock him off that game, he said.

Pere did not waste time in calling on White Money to stay away from the Kitchen with immidate effect as other housemates are ready to start cooking as well. 

That decision was bogus for Pere as there was hunger in the house during the week, with housemates hiding some noodles and water as a result of shortage of food in the house.
Many housemates are not in support of what Pere is doing to White Money. Nini who isn't cool with Pere's actions in recent  days, during her diary section said that; "even if White Money is using cooking as a strategy to stay in the house, you don't have to fight him for that, this is a game, and one must do whatever it takes to take home the money, he is obviously making white money more famous with this attitude of his"