Who is the Wild Card in the Big Borther Naija Season 6 House

Who is the Wild Card in the Big Borther Naija Season 6 House

This has been the question in the mouth of the 22 housemates presently in the Big Brother Naija house in Lagos, Nigeria.
 The reality show which started on the 24th of July with only the male housemates in the house started on a very good note from the regular achor of the Big Brother Nigeria show, Ebuka Uchendu. 
He was seen on the show with a big smile while welcoming the housemates and interviewing them as usual before each house mate embarked on a long walk into the house.

 We wouldn't forget so quickly the very first housemate that came into the house; Bomma after which other housemates follow suit. 
After the arrival of the female housemates, Big Brother announced to the housemates that they are supposed to be 20 in the house, but they are 22 in number. 

There are two wild Cards in the house with them, it's left for the housemates to detect the the two wild Cats. 

If they are detected by the housemates, they gets evicted from the house with immidate effect. 
If they stay undetected, the will continue the show and possibly win the 90 Million naira. This is the very first assignment given to the housemates.

 Some of the housemates are eager to fish the two wild Cards out, while others seems not to be concerned about the two Make and Female Wild Cards among them. 
The second night of coming into big brother's house, Niyi, (the South African based big brother housemate), while discussing with Sammie; vowed to fish out the wild Cats in the house before the given deadline. 

Speaking on the same issue, Perez, Liqorose and some other housemates were spotted discussing on who could possibly be the wild cards in the house. 
Perez made it clear to his fellow housemates that he is suspecting "White Money" to be the Wild Cards. 

His reasons were obvious, according to Perez, he is suspecting White money because he feels white money goes out of boundries almost all the time. " I dey Suspect WhiteMoney because he is always in the kitchen, and the guy too over do".- Perez
He further made it clear to Yerins Abraham that he suspects him too. 

When asked why, Perez said that because he stays quiet almost all the time in the house, and he is always on his own. Yerins who was surprised about the comment from Perez' mouth quickly let go of the matter and started discussing another topic before they all fell asleep. 

Fans and the housemates inBig Brother Naija house are so anxious to know the two wild Cats in the house. We will keep our fingers crossed till the eviction show begins.