Meet the Housemates of 2021 Big Brother Naija Season 6

Meet the Housemates of 2021 Big Brother Naija Season 6

It is no doubt that time of the year again when Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world forgets their worries and problems facing the continent and stay glued to their television set
The Big Brother Naija reality TV show is here again. It is no doubt the time anticipated for by a whole lot of people in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. The reality TV show has been on for 6 years after the Big brother Naija Africa was put on hold indefinitely for reasons best known to the oganizers. Unlike the previous seasons, this season seems to be unique as all the housemates are not just handsome, but have something upstairs. They are all super achievers, and are ready to take the bull by the horn.

The following are the housemates for Big Brother Naija, 2021

1. Bomma: This young dude is a talented young man with style. He is a model, a footballer and Event planner. He has been ontop of his game for years and he has had a lot of achievements and successes in his line of hustle. He hopes to win the grand price of 90 million naira after the show. It's left for you as a viewer to know who your favorite housemate us and start voting.
2. Adeolu Okusaga, 28: This guy is an embodiment of talents. He is a trained enginner, a proud Nigerian and he is fully ready for the drama in the house. From the way he talks, he looks like a motivational speaker to many. In the nutshell, he is an epitome of wisdom and simplicity. According to him, he is in the house just to have fun, nothing but fun. 
Adeolu Okusaga

3.Yousef, 27: This amazing Yousef guy is originally not from Nigeria, his parents both moved to Nigeria when he was just 9 years old. He is a Teacher and a Model. He is also a rapper and an artist. He is in the Big Borther Naija house  for the money and the fame. His parents are both from one Arabian country. He resides in Jos plateau state. Single and ready to mingle.

4.Pere 34: This amazing guy is a fighter, born in warri, Delta State, Pere who is also known as Perez had a humble beginning with his single Mom and siblings struggling to survive. He got to America, he became and UBER driver, he then got into American Military, he is a US Army veteran of Nigerian decent. He is an actor, featured in few Hollywood movies and back in Nigeria to take entertainment industry to a greater height. He is also a script writer, model and an entrepreneur.

5. Hazel AKA White Money 31: This Hazel of a guy is a complete example of an entrepreneur and a money chaser. He does almost every legitimate thing to make money. White Money is an Importers and exporter, deals on jewelries, shoes gold and diamonds, sells cars, real estate, he has a barbershop, produce cosmetics, the list goes on and on. This Enugu born "White Money" has been on top of his game for long and he is getting it. He hopes to make it to the top 3 in the Big Brother Naija Season 6 
White Money

6.Niyi, 34: This Niyi of a guy is a good entrepreneur and silent millionaire. He is based in South Africa. Married with a kid of 3 years old, Niyi is a CEO of his company situated in South Africa. He loves to have fun and he has many people on his pay roll. He is quiet and fun seeking. He hopes to get to the final moment of big brother Naija season 6 and lift the trophy in the end. According to him, his wife and family a cook with him in the big brother Naija season 6 house.Niyi

7.Yerins Abraham,28: This Guy is a trained medical doctor, a rapper, Musician, artist (he draws), a model, a chef, a writer, an actor... The list is endless. He is an embodiment of talents. He is also an adventurer. He has travelled to about 8 countries of the world so far, he is single and ready to mingle.

8. Jay Paul 26: He is from cross river State, a musician and a model. He has many songs to his name and he is ready to take the bull by the horn in the house. Jay Paul literally makes music for a living.
Jay Paul
9. Emmanuel, 30:  Emmanuel is a former Mr. Africa, that should tell you what he does for a living. He is a model and an entrepreneur. He is ready to be the winner of the 2021 "Shine Ya Eyes" season 6 Big brother Naija. Luck may shine on him this time to lift that trouphy in the end. Let's just keep our fingers crossed.Emmanuel

10. Sammie 25: Sammie is still a student, an undergraduate of Guidance and Counselling in the University. He is a 400 Level student of University of Zaria. He abandoned his project to be in big brother Naija house as he sees it as a great opportunity to be in the house. He hopes to go fully into the Nigerian Movie industry after the show. Sammie
11.Cross 31: This young man is a silent achiever of Ibo origin. He is an entrepreneur and a Canada based young man. He came back to Nigeria to set up a business which has now made him a CEO of a 5 star restaurant in Wuse II. He hopes to go home with the grand price after the show.Cross