Massive turnouts in London as Buhari Must Go Protest goes Global

Massive turnouts in London as Buhari Must Go Protest goes Global

Nigerians at home and abroad have come  out in their numbers on June 12, to protest against the bad governance in Nigeria.
Every June 12th,  every year is the date set aside by the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to celebrate Democracy day. Democracy day is a day Nigerians remember the fallen heroes of democracy. 2021 Democracy day is now considered totally different as Nigerians all over the world have decided to start a mega protest against the Government of Nigeria over what they describe as bad Governance. The campaign against the Government of President Mohammad Buhari was initiated by the former Presidential aspirant from the southwest of Nigeria, Omoleye Sowore. According to the aggrieved Protesters, the President has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is not competent enough to lead the country through his body language and actions.

 Nigerians have been framing for years over incessant killings in the north, south west and every part of the country by bandits, Kidnappers, unknown Gunmen. People are being massacred in Nigeria on a daily basis. The Government will always not do anything to arrest the culprit and make them to face the law, we are tired- Protester

The protest which is tagged "Buhari Must Go" just like the famous#EndSars protest which took place in October 2020 has once again gone global on the first day. Nigerians from every part of the world came out in their numbers to protest against the bad leadership and to ask President Mohammad Buhari to resign. The Federal government may have banned Twitter prior to this time in an attempt to stop the protest, but Nigerians seems to be united even without the use of Twitter, millions of Nigerians have come out to exercise their right to protest, not only in Nigeria, but across the world.A child spotted protesting on the street of Lagos
Although there have been reports that the government of Buhari has mobilised Nigerians in Abuja for counter protest and we're seen given 1000 naira after their protest, but this seems not to bother those who are out to see there is peace and change of bad governance in Nigeria at the end of the protest.