Terror linked Minister Pantami demands IMEI, NIN and Phone numbers of Nigerians from Telecom Giants for Call tracking and Spying

Terror linked Minister Pantami demands IMEI, NIN and Phone numbers of Nigerians from Telecom Giants for Call tracking and Spying

The Terror Linked Minister in Buhari's Led administration, Dr. Isa Pantami is on the News again after demanding for more information from the Nigerian Mobile phone users
Dr.Isa Pantami, the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy under the Buhari led administration who was declared a terrorist sympathizer in late April after his many audio recordings surfaced online praising terrorist groups for being better Muslims than he is  has reportedly begun obtaining Nigeria's Mobile Phone Identication Protocols from telecom networks across the country in a bid to spy on calls and track everyone's location in the country. Isa Pantami who disclosed this on his Twitter handle said that details relating to every active mobile phone devices in Nigeria will be obtained from the telecoms and warehoused under the alleged newly established Device management System.
 According to experts, this move by the Minister is to monitor your phone calls, your locations, browser history, SMS, Social Media posts, and possibly your pictures and videos. This move by the Nigerian Government is solely aim at to clamp down on critics  of the Buhari led administration. According to the source, President Mohammed Buhari has given Pantami the go-a-head to implement this vision which will enable the government to see and store your International Mobile Equipment Identity IMEI of Nigerian's mobile phone users. Many Nigerians seems not to agree to this idea as many of them are the new development as a breech on their rights to privacy. 
Some are of the opinion that allowing a terror linked Minister have access to the privacy of every Nigerian may be devastating to the future of the Country.

The country has been through a lot of troubles in recent times and it seems President Buhari is yet to see that Nigeria is collapsing under his watch.

The government of Buhari has failed in it's entirety especially in the area of security for the citizens of the country- Ugbado Ezra

 Leaving a terror linked Minister in a very sensitive position in the country is a threat to national security -Linda Osufo

Recall that Nigerians demanded for resignation of the minister in April, 2021 after his radical audio teachings in Mosques surfaced online. In the audio recordings, Pantami could be heard telling people to fight and kill Christians in Jos, Plateau state, he further said that the Land of Jos belongs to Allah and the Muslims in Nigeria must join hands to take back the land which is rightfully theirs. 

He also expressed his satisfaction in international terrorist organizations like ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the local terrorist organization, Boko Haram. He commended their so-called good work and charged his followers to be like them; adding that the terrorist groups are better Muslims compared to him( Pantami), and any other moderate Muslims out there.

The Minister who didn't deny the claim by many Twitter users came out to say that he was much younger when he made those statements, according to him, he knows better now. The Minister who spoke in a video and on the TV under the guise of apologizing to the nation was retained by his principal, Muhammad Buhari. The move from the Presidency to retain a Minister like Pantami in the Buhari led administration still baffles many Nigerians as some of the many Nigerians already expressed dissatisfaction in the Federal Government.
Although, NGOs and SERAAP has vowed to sue the minister if he does not withdraw his statement after 48 hours.