Reactions as Ghanaian Instagram slay Queen was spotted Cooking in the Toilet, says it's Normal

Reactions as Ghanaian Instagram slay Queen was spotted Cooking in the Toilet, says it's Normal

A Ghanian Instagram Celebrity has gone extra-miles to do the unthinkable during the weekend on Live IG, and has got many talking in Ghana.

Ruth Ama, a famous Ghanaian slay Queen who takes delight in entertaining her Instagram followers by showing them different, CUM reigning dance steps through her many videos on Instagram in  Ghana has taken her social media fun to another level by cooking a meal "Live' on Instagram from her toilet. The 23 years old Miss Ama who is from the Ashanti region has left many of her followers bewildered as she went live on Instagram cooking a meal for the day on Sunday afternoon from the most awkward place anyone could ever think of.

Ruth who was dressed like a slave from the past with a chain around her neck, like that of a Dog and a padlock, locking the chain, was spotted with a green Kerosene Stove sitting right on the Tank cover of the water system toilet and her sauce sitting on the toilet sit. This behavior from the Instagram video vixen has got many of her die hard followers wondering if she was mentally stable all through the cooking period.
The video drew a lot of attention to her as she was busy cooking one of the most delicious meal in Ghana, according to her.
She had thousands of views and comments on her IG handle with many people advising her to go for psychiatric test immidiately after the food.
Ruth who appears to be normal after the whole weird cooking thing was said to have thanked everyone for hooking up to her Instagram Live as she was eating the food.

It's obvious, people can do anything to gain followers and attention on social media, but what Ruth has done today is a step too far, I wouldn't eat that kind of food- Samuel
Apart from Ruth, others have done some crazy things on social media just to gain attention and followers.

 We have seen doing awkward things on social media, some dance naked, just like the case of Nigerian Instagram video Vixen, Maheeda. Even as a married woman, she danced naked on social media.

Maheeda professes to be a gospel artist, she was doing good in that line until she turned away from her singing career and  started dancing naked on social media. 

Some fake their deaths on Social Media to gain attention from the public; remember a famous musician in Nigeria who faked his death in 2018. He goes by the name, Sky B.
He was a great Rap artist during his time of grace. He has an album to his name with many hit tracks.Like "My Baby, You Love Me, Pray for Me" and many more.
Gone are those days when you spend a hell of money to be famous. This days, weird behavior, acts on social media can make you famous in Nigeria, Africa and beyond within an hour.
Pictures of Ruth Ama in the Toilet Cooking