Married Pastor Resigns after sending Pictures revealing his Manhood to a female Church Member

Married Pastor Resigns after sending Pictures revealing his Manhood to a female Church Member

A married 32 years old pastor of a church in North Carolina, USA is on the news after sending a picture, showing his manhood to a female church member by mistake.

Pastor Daniel Cosby, who is the senior pastor of a church has done what is condemable by people as he sent the picture of his bare body with ,6 packs to a married member of his church during one of his morning workouts. 
The pastor who saw nothing wrong with the picture he took while workingout was said to have engaged the married woman in discussions about the many benefits of morning excercise.
 The woman who was not happy with her weight reportedly met the pastor prior to the incident, complaining bitterly about how heavy she feels on a daily basis, and how difficult it is for her to do what others does because she is fat.
 Pastor Cosby who became concerned about the helpless state of the married woman started telling the woman to start working out as he does every morning.
Cosby, while trying to prove to the woman that workingout every day produces results faster stood infront of the mirror to take a picture of himself, without hesitation, and forwarded it to the woman.
The picture however actracted a lot of criticism from the female folks in the church as they claim the pastor is too sexy and attractive to snap half naked and send to a woman. In the picture, the pastor is seen in the mirror with albs and the shape of his long manhood showing in his pant.

 Many people condemned the picture sent to the woman by the pastor; as people accused the married pastor of showing someone's wife his albs, and bare chest. They claim it's an act of seduction.
 Many others have accused pastor Cosby of deliberate attempt to seduce a married woman.
Pastor Cosby who saw nothing wrong with the picture told his congregation that the picture was innocently sent to the woman by himself with no ulterior motive.

I was simply trying to convince her to start a daily workout. I wanted her to see the results I have from working out daily in months-he said.
The Pastor who could not stand the scandal was left with no other option than to resign from his position in the church.