Man Raped two Witches found Naked in his House, says he dealt with them his own Way

Man Raped two Witches found Naked in his House, says he dealt with them his own Way

A 43 years old Hussein from Saselamani  in Guinea has done the unthinkable by dealing with the two naked witches found in his compound his own way.

Mr. Hussein, a 43 years old man from Saselamani is on the news after he decided to deal with two young witches found naked in his compound his own way.
According to the culture of Saselamani and the People of Guinea, Witchcraft is the same thing as the Sin of armed robbery and the Punishment is death,if you are caught in the act.  if you are also caught with any Witchcraft item, or openly practicing sorcery, Mob action will be taken against such a person, and no Law will hold anyone responsible. 

This was the case in the early hours of Thursday morning around 4am. A neighbor to a 43 years old Single man, Mr. Hussein while heading to work discovered a very strange development in his friend's compound. 

The friend who pleaded annonimity said that he was walking in the early hours of Thursday morning to the road, as he approached the friend's house, he discovered a very strange event happening right in front of his house. 
He moved closer to see clearly what was happening,  he discovered two young naked witches making incantations and practicing withcraft right in front of Mr. Hussein's house.
He said,
I called my friend on phone to come see what was happening infront of his house, from the tone of his voice I heard I knew he was in a very deep sleep before my call came, confirming his ignorance about what was happening in his house at that hour of the morning, he said.

Before he came out, neighbours have already surrounded the witches. The norm here is to set the both naked girls ablaze right there. But to everyone's amazement, Mr. Hussein when he came out, told everyone of us not to worry, saying he will deal with them his own way, as he dragged the two naked girls inside, leaving their Calabash outside, he said.

Immidiatly he took them in with him, he banged the door, we could hear him locking the door. We all thought he wanted to kill the both girls all by himself, until we heard a scream and Moaning from his room. I was scared if he should kill the both of them all by himself without the Mob action, he may be charged for first degree murder, but this time, situation has changed.

 The moaning continues until we called the Police. We knocked and bangged the door for sometime with no response, we decided to break the door. What we saw was something else, we saw his fluid and the two women fluids on the floor while he was still ontop of another, while holding the other Lady. We asked him why he did what he did, he simply said that he dealt with them his own way!
In India, Rape is used as punishment to some ladies in the country depending the type of crime committed, while in other parts of the world, rape is a serious crime against humanity.
Mr. Hussein and the two girls were taken to the station for further investigation.