Exclusive: Zimbabwean sex workers now accepts Foodstuff as mode of Payement for their Services

Exclusive: Zimbabwean sex workers now accepts Foodstuff as mode of Payement for their Services

Sex Workers in Zimbabwe are facing serious economic problems as they now accept food stuff for their services as announced by their Chairlady on Saturday

Prostitutes in Zimbabwe have evolved from accepting Zimbabwe Currency into accepting Beans, Yam, Bucket of Maize as  payment for their services. 

This was disclosed by the Chairlady whose name is Alice. Alice, according to the report has come out to say that things are getting harder by the day for prostitutes in the country as their customers seems to lose interest in patronizing them on a daily basis as usual.
Alice who was interviewed by the local news in the country, said that the Sex workers no longer charge USD$5 for a whole night.
 According to her, they now accept anything including foodstuffs for their services to anyone who might be in need of it.
We discovered that our customers can't afford the amount we charge per sex, they need it and we need the money or the food stuff to survive, she said. 
Alice called on the government to grant prostitutes loans in order to set up some projects in their respective communities to help fend for their daily needs and that of their family members back home.
 Alice further disclosed that she has three kids and she needs to fend for them as a good and single parent she is. Accepting foodstuff in place of money will help her get customers faster, and she will feed them comfortably with no issue. 
I accept some cups of dried beans, tubers of Yam, a paint of rice for my services
She further said that her kids are in school, one of her children is already in form 4, and the Child needs Zimbabwean School examination council registration fees, while the other two are still in grade 7, all these entails money, we can't survive all these challenges without the help of the government, we need loans, she said.

 Another sex worker who identified herself as Mavis told the news men that she could have opted for house help job,  but Zimbabwean people don't pay.

Prostitution is rapidly growing in Western African Region, Eastern part of Africa and many other parts of the world due to illiteracy coupled with joblessness -Samuel 

Just like what Zimbabwean young women and girls are experiencing, sex workers in South Africa are facing alot of challenges from their customers as there have been complains about a serious decline in patronage due to the pandemic. This has made most of the sex workers in South Africa gone digital, as selling of their nudes and videos online seems more lucrative than serving customers physically.
According to one of the former sex workers in South Africa, customers are  too broke to go for a prostitute to satisfy their sexual desires, we lose alot of money. We opted for online pornography and it's really paying off. I won't go back to prostitution again, she said.

Prostitution is growing in many parts of the world. This might be due to the global economic down turn due to the pandemic, but this shouldn't be the real reason young women and girls should choose prostitution as an option. 

Not only in Africa, According to recent studies, the number of sex workers in Melbourne, Australia is on the rise amongst students, as there is rapid decrease in government's support for students in highier institutions due to the pandemic. Prostitution is a global issue and something needs to be done, very urgently to prevent more women and girls from taking prostitution as a career, as it poises a serious danger to the future of our world.