Confusion as Adamu Garba Openly Condem Muslims seen Bowing to Senusi Lamido in Worship, Calls it Abnormal

Confusion as Adamu Garba Openly Condem Muslims seen Bowing to Senusi Lamido in Worship, Calls it Abnormal

Senusi Lamido Senusi the former Emire of Kano who was dethroned by the Governor of Kano State in 2019 is facing another backlash as he was said to be worshipped by his followers
The former Emir of Kano, who is also the former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Mallam Senusi Lamido Senusi who was dethroned by the Ganduje led administration in 2019 for speaking against the many misdeeds of the state Governor is facing another backlash from the Muslim world after he was said to have been worshipped by some of his followers.

The former Emir who was recently crowned the head of the Jijjaniya Sufi (A Muslim Organization) of West Africa is facing another backlash after some of his followers who came to congratulate him on his new position in the Islamic world on Saturday, were seen bowing to him and putting their heads against the ground just like the way the Muslim brothers pray.

 This act has generated condemnation from every angle, calling out the former Emir for allowing Muslims greet him the way they did.

Adamu Garba who couldn't hold back his disgust for the act described the action by the fellow Muslim faithfuls as "Very Wrong". Adding that he is a follower of Tijjaniya Sufi, but he cannever bow to a mortal man except Allah.

Senusi Lamido Senusi was disgraced from his office in 2019 after having issues with the Governor Ganduje. The Governor who felt the then Emir was biting more than he could chew started the fight against the Emir by dividing his Kingdom into four Emirates. According to reports the Governor of Kano State felt that Senusi Lamido Senusi was a serious threat to the his administration. 

If left to be the Emir of Kano, he may turn the people against the sitting Governor because of his utterances as an Emir. Although, some people are of the opinion that a King should not meddle in any Politics related issues, but it seems the former Emir couldn't keep his mouth shut as expected of him by his followers.

The decision by the Governor which was believed to be politically motivated was also considered bogus by many people.
Alleged Picture of Senusi Being Worshipped