Teenager Killed his Mom, Slept with her Corpse for Money Ritual Purpose in Edo

Teenager Killed his Mom, Slept with her Corpse for Money Ritual Purpose in Edo

Pandemonium as a Teenager was caught red-handed sleeping with the mother's corpse after killing her for ritual purpose.

It was all tears when an 18 years old Akpobome Samuel, an Edo born teenager, from ologbo, Ikpoba- Okha local government area of Edo State, South- South, Nigeria  was caught pant down with the mother's corpse after killing her for money ritual. 

The 18 years old who confessed to the crime said he strangled Mrs. Gift Samuel, (who is reportedly the biological mother of the suspect) and slept with her corpse according to the instructions given to him by a Witch doctor. 

Mr. Ekpobome was said to be among the 84 suspects paraded by the Edo State Police command on Tuesday, was said to have caught the media's attention after he was spotted among the criminals paraded for different crimes, and he happens to be the youngest of them all.

The other older suspect you see in the picture below is a 20 years old  Mr. Odion Jimoh who reportedly beheaded a man named Asuelimhen Atogwe at Ayogwiri, area of  Edo North in Edo State.

Odion Jimoh who said that the man he murdered in cold blood did nothing to him to warrant such killing confessed to have taken marijuana shortly before meeting his victim.
I didn't know what came over me, he said.
the man approached me and asked me why " i was here while others are at the festival". According to him,  this question infuriated him, he felt greatly insulted and humiliated by the man, and that anger led him into hitting the man with a plank in the uncompleted building, "when he fell, I used the Cutlass in my hand to behead him", he said.

 Mr. Ekpobome Samuel confessed to his crime upon interrogation by our reporter, he said that he acted according to instructions given to him by a witch doctor he went to meet for money rituals.

According to him, the Witch doctor told him to kill his Mom by strangling her, undress her, sleep with her, ejaculate in her and money will start flowing to him.

Mr. Okpobome Samuel, on hearing the instructions from the witch doctor acted as fast as he could without hesitation.
According to him, he was eager to be rich, and that made him saw that task as a simple one, he added. According to Police Public Relation Officer, the suspects will be charged to court soonest.