Sorry, I forgot to Wear my Panties, Mercy Johnson Apologized to Husband

Sorry, I forgot to Wear my Panties, Mercy Johnson Apologized to Husband

Nollywood Actress, Mrs. Mercy Johnson Okojie, a mother of 3 has come out publicly to apologise to the husband for not wearing her underpants to an occasion when she needed to wear it.

The Kogi born beautiful actress who is loved for her curves is in the news again for wrong reason  after failing to wear her pants to an occasion, and her picture was taken wrongly by a photographer at the occasion. According to her, she forgot to put on her pants after wearing the beautiful dress.

It was really a shame to me when I discovered that a photographer captured the hidden part of my body. The embarrassment alone is not what I can talk about.

Mercy Johnson who said that the shame of knowing what has happened and the fear of the implications of the picture of her body part made her to call her husband to explain what has just happened to him.

Not only Mercy Johnson, Many other celebrities have experienced such embarrassing moments in their lives, expecially the female celebrities.
We have seen a situation where a Nollywood actress on white trousers was stained from her period.

 She didn't notice the stain in time, until fans told her what was happening. We have seen actresses falling off their high heel shoes and sometimes getting their bone fractured from the fall.
We have also seen some actresses poured juice or any liquid on themselves by mistake in an occasion.

Although in the case of our screen goddess, Mercy Johnson,  we know she must have learnt her lessons in a hard way. And won't make such mistake ever again.