Repentant Militants undergoing Rehabilitation in the Camp turns Pastors

Repentant Militants undergoing Rehabilitation in the Camp turns Pastors

It was a big celebration and and a serious joy as eight (8) ex Millitants and Kidnappers undergoing rehabilitation at the Omega Power Ministry (OPM) decided to fully turn away from their evil deeds and serve God not just by being born again, but becoming Pastors in the Church 

Talking with one of the members of the Omega Power Ministry (OPM) on Sunday in a telephone conversation, Mr. John Osinmen reviewed that no fewer than 8 former Millitants who have surrendered their lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ are being ordained as pastors today.

 It is a very rare occasion to see Millitants and Kidnappers who are already hardened criminals, turn to God from their evil ways, and start living for Christ in this generation of ours, this must be God, and we are eternally grateful to God for that, he said.

Apostle Dr. Chibuzor Gift Chnenye, who is the founder of the ministry disclosed that he remembers when he was led to go to their rehabilitation center and preach to them, after which many of them were touched by the power of the Holy Spirit., They felt sorry for their sins. When it was time for altar call, they came out to give their lives to God, he said.

To keep them away from their old ways, we bought an estate for them where they could stay for free and be learning more of God's words.

 Why we decided to do that was that the previous converts we had from among them went back to their kidnapping business after a while. This might be because we left them, and they went back to their various houses in coached. 

But this time, we decided to go extra miles by relocating them to the estate acquired for them by the ministry. With that; we can nurture them with the word of God and see them grow, and we did that.

Today, we are celebrating their eternal libration from the world into the body of Christ. They are not just followers of Christ, they are being ordained today as sherphards, he said.

Less I forget, these Millitants also have wives and children, the church is taking care of all of them. The Church is opening businesses for their wives, and their children are going to enjoy free education courtesy of the Church, he added.

The Church will continue to help the society through helping these youths who are ready to turn a new leaf from their evil ways have a brand new life both in Christ and in this world.