Pastor's Wife Poured Hot Water on Choir Mistress over alleged Affairs with her Husband

Pastor's Wife Poured Hot Water on Choir Mistress over alleged Affairs with her Husband

Trouble in the House of God as the wife of a Pastor, popularly Known as Prophetess Grace Mbochon who is the Wife of the founder of Light of Glory Gospel Church, located in Southern Cameroon decided to pour a serious hot water on Miss Judith from the same Province.

Trouble started when Mrs Grace, (the Prophetess) started having some feelings that her husband who is the presiding Pastor, Prophet and founder of the Light of Glory Gospel Church is considering having a love affair with the church's choir mistress in January, when Miss Judith was appointed by the husband to lead the Choir because of her Angelic voice and her style of leadership, and her contribution to the work of God in the church.

According to an eye witness, Prophetess Grace got jealous of Miss Judith because of the way the husband praises her in the church, and suspected the husband may be planning to have a love affair with the beautiful choir Mistress.

She has verbally abused Miss Judith many times and accused her of trying to snatch her husband from her, he said.
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Prophetess Grace reported the matter to the Church council, and after much investigation, we discovered that nothing of such was happening between the pastor and the Choir mistress, adding that the Prophetess is just Paranoid, he said.

 We try talking her out of that bitterness and false belief she has against her husband and Miss Judith to no avail.
She insisted that Miss Judith must be relieved of her post in the church. 

The Pastor of the church which is the husband to the prophetess insisted that; Judith must remain the Choir Mistress at all cost. Adding that he is the head of the house and the Church, therefore his decision must stand, he said.

This however infuriated Mrs.Grace and decided to do the unthinkable, when Miss Judith was invited by the Pastor to his house right in the presence of his wife.
She saw the invite as a slap on her face, because of the false belief she harbours in her mind against the duo. 

Miss Judith was invited by the Pastor to his house in the presence of the wife and and two of the church elders, the Purpose for the invite was to settle the rift between the Prophetess and Miss Judith -Agogo

We never expected what happened next as the Prophetess came out of her kitchen with a boiling water and bathed Miss Judith with it, he said.

The matter is being reported in the Police station and the law is currently handling the case. Mrs Judith is undergoing treatment in the hospital for a second and third degree burn.
It's not clear if the Prophetess is been arrested as at the time of writing this report.