Nigeria Police Force Sends Another Invitation Letter to a Famous Yoruba Activist, Sunday Igboho

Nigeria Police Force Sends Another Invitation Letter to a Famous Yoruba Activist, Sunday Igboho

Nigeria as a country has been battling with numerous security issues facing the country... from all indications, it seems the government of President Mohammad Buhari is becoming overwhelmed with the ever rising insecurity situation in the country, with no end in sight just yet.

Recall that the insecurity in the country has been a very serious issue since the famous October 1st bombing; during the 50th independent celebration of Nigeria in the year 2010.

The bombing which took place at the Eagle Square, in the central area of Abuja reportedly claimed many lives, and also had many people who came out to celebrate Nigeria at 50, in critical conditions in the hospital. People were seen with various degrees of life threatening injuries with blood gushing out from their bodies.

Some died in the hospital, and the lucky ones lives to tell the story with an evidence of an indelible marks lefton their body forever. Many of the victims were said to be amputated, while others have scars all over their bodies.

Henry Oka was later apprehended in connection with the October bomb blast in South Africa.

This is believed to have paved way for terrorist groups to start unleashing terror on the Law abiding citizens of the country with no just cause. 

Sunday Igboho came to limlight after  giving the Fulani herders in the western forests, a quit notice to vacate the forest in November 2020 said that they have heard enough of the killings and mass decapitation of the innocent and law abiding indigenes of their land.

According to him,  the Fulani herders were responsible for mysterious killings, maiming and beheadings happening in the south- west region of the country.

"People are being killed like Chickens in bushes and in farmlands", he said.

The decision taken by Mr. Sunday Igboho was seriously frowned at by the Federal Government, accusing the activist of trying to cause a breech of peace between the Yoruba, and the Peace loving Fulani herdsmen in the country, adding that the Fulani herdsmen are citizens of the country, and they have the right to stay and inhibit anywhere they like.

Attempt to arrest him several times were said to be frutil as he seems to have a lot of followers who believed in him and his mission to send the Fulani people parking from the entire south-west. 

Just like Nnamdi Kanu of the East, Mr.  Igboho appears to be gaining more momentum around the south-west region of the country, as he has gone as far as declaring Odudua Nation very recently, with their currency alleged to be in Circulation in the region.
( This Implies that the South-west will break out of Nigeria to have their own independence). 
Mr. Igboho was sent a letter from the former inspector General of Police to come to Abuja for questioning, he however disregarded the letter from the IGP.

Another letter was said to have been delivered to him by the men of Police force inviting him to Abuja for questioning as well, the question is; "Will he honor the invitation this time?" Or will he just ignore as usual?