Man Buries Pet in an Expensive Coffin says the Pet Dog is the Love of his Life

Man Buries Pet in an Expensive Coffin says the Pet Dog is the Love of his Life

Pets are very good to own, especially when you have a family. People tend to consider pets as important members of the family not considering whether they are human or not. 
This is the case with a South Carolina man, Mr. McGregor brown. 
Mr. Brown who hails from Charleston, in South Carolina, was said to be heartbroken after his pet dog died of acute pneumonia on Monday. The Pet dog was diagnosed of Pneumonia in January and has been battling with the sickness for 4 months.

According to Mr. Brown, the pet Dog was all he had.
The Dog which he named 'Smith' was his best friend, 

"When I lost my wife, I was depressed, I felt lonely and empty, but Smith was always there for me, he was all I had, I didn't know he would soon be gone", he said.

Mr. Brown who couldn't contain his tears said that the dog was the last gift from his late wife to him, before her untimely death in 2019. She died while giving birth to our Son, he said.

Mr. Brown who said that the dog always reminds him of his wife got the shock of his life after his pet dog he so loved was pronounced dead by the vetinary doctor after a brief illness on Monday afternoon.

According to him, the dog was always there for him more than any body ever does. 
He decided to bury the dog like  a human being in appreciation to the contribution of the pet to his life as a person.
I decided to get a customized coffin for Smith which costs about $350 (N133,262.50)

There was food for the guests, we couldn't host more guests because of the restrictions of covid-19, we had line in states and also had undertakers at the burial scene., We also paid for the burial ground. Altogether, I spent $1, 428.00 (N543,7011.00). 
I will never forget Smith and my wife. They deserve even better, he said.