Dear Fans, I am not Gay- Uche Maduagu Declares

Dear Fans, I am not Gay- Uche Maduagu Declares

It was a surprise to his colleagues, Friends, fans and everyone in the country as Mr. Uche Maduagu, a Nollywood Star who raised to Stardom some years back came out to openly declare that he was Gay on his Twitter handle in January 2021.

Recall that Uche Maduagu, Nollywood Actor came out as Gay in January 2021 through his Twitter handle. Being a very new thing in Africa, his declaration as being Gay generated a lot of criticism from every angle. According to him, he said he doesn't care what anybody may think or say about him.

He went ahead posting his pictures wearing brassiers online in confirmation of what he said. He also affirmed his love for LGBTQ and called for the Nigerian government to allow people live their lives the way they want.
This however sparked a lot of condemnation from his fans and followers on social media, with many people calling for his immidate arrest and persecution.

   People never expected him to be one of those people who are not sensitive to the opposite gender, but rather choose to be hyper active when they are with their fellow men.
Recently, the controversial actor came back on his handle to declare that he is not Gay.  According to him, by declaring he was Gay made him loose a lot of opportunities. 

I lost my Girlfriend fighting for the right of LGBTQ in Nigeria, I lost so many endorsement deals, I lost movie roles, he said.
Mr.Uche who came out publicly to declare that he is Gay in January seems to be regretting his decisions as his career is already going down in the movie industry.
Being Gay in Africa is an abomination, talk more of being proud to be one.

Could he be lying to get his endorsement deals and movie roles back?