Bauchi State Government to Conduct Mass Wedding for Sex Workers in the State

Bauchi State Government to Conduct Mass Wedding for Sex Workers in the State

The Bauchi State Government, headed by the former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Governor Bala Mohammed in a statement on Monday, disclosed plans of the state government to get rid of sex workers in the state by conducting a mass wedding for those of them who are ready to marry as soon as possible.

This is achievable when we conduct a head count for each of the sex workers in the state, it will enable us to have a dialogue with each and everyone of them and to know if they are ready to marry or not, he said.
Aminu Balarabe- Isah who is the  Permanent commissioner in charge of Hisba and Sharia implementation disclosed this in a statement on Monday that the state government is concerned with the rising rate of sex workers in the state. 

The number of  women and young girls that are into sex for money keeps increasing on a daily basis, these are the mothers of tomorrow.

 We conducted an investigation into the cause for this act, and we discovered that most girls and ladies in the business are into the business because of illiteracy, poverty, lack and want, abandonment by parents and maltreatment from step mothers, he said.

He also stressed on the need to discourage young girls and women from continuing in the business of prostitution as it is clearly not the way forward out of poverty.
Mr. Balarabe in a meeting with some of the sex workers in the state assured them of the government's monetary assistance in a bid to help them out of the business they are into.

He also disclosed to the Ladies that the government of Gov.Bala Mohammed is planning to empower as many sex workers in the state as possible.
"We have all of you in our agenda, and we want to see all of you succeed through this administration's initiative designed particularly for you". 

The government plans to also marry you all off to good homes if you would like to be married, he said.

One of the sex workers who spoke on  behalf of other sex workers Miss. Hafsatu Azare thanked the government of the state for having the sex workers in mind for good, and promised to quit the business if the state government will keep to the promises made.