30 Nigerian Soldiers reportedly Killed as Boko Haram takes over Camp in Borno State

30 Nigerian Soldiers reportedly Killed as Boko Haram takes over Camp in Borno State

No Fewer than 30 Nigerian Soldiers feared  dead in a surprise attack launched by the members of Boko Haram terrorist group in the North-Eastern Part of Nigeria, Maiduguri, Borno State.

30 Nigerian Gallant troops who are at the war front fighting the deadly terrorist organization were said to have been killed on Sunday when the millitants of Islamic State of West Africa ISWAP in collaboration with Boko Haram launched a surprise attack on Nigerian troops in their location at 156 battalion in Mainok area of Borno State.

Mainok which is the headquarter of Kaga local government area of Borno State experienced a serious Gun battle between the terrorist group and the Nigerian Army in early hours of Sunday, leaving 30 Nigerians troops dead, and undisclosed  number of the troops were injured in the fight.

According to the source, The insurgents overpowered the troops, carted away arms and ammunition from the military base and setting some tanks and buildings in the base on fire.
A source said that the troops in the camp took to their heels because they could not withstand the superior fire power from the insurgents.
Nigerian Military has claimed so many times that the insurgents are defeated already, but it seems their claims are mere claims as the terrorists seems to be getting stronger against the troops in the North-Eastern parts of Nigeria. 

From January to April, thousands of Nigerian Military personel who are dedicated to fighting the insurgency in the northern parts of Nigeria  have lost their lives to the fight against terrorism. From the look of things, the fight is not going to end soon as the terrorist are overpowering and raiding army bases.