President Buhari's look alike spotted in Lagos traffic as a Taxi driver

President Buhari's look alike spotted in Lagos traffic as a Taxi driver

People are said to be two in this world, science confirmed  that your perfect resemblance as a person is somewhere around the world, if you are lucky, you both may likely meet each other before you die. This has been the case with many people meeting their perfect look alike. 

But as a regular human who is not a celebrity or a public figure, it might be difficult for you to meet your perfect look alike.
This is also the case with the present president of the Federal republic of Nigeria, President Muhammad Buhari. 

Apart from MC Tagwaye who is said to look like the president in some sort, another aged man was spotted on the street of Lagos on Friday looking like the President. 

Unlike MC Tagwaye who is much more younger and fairer than the President, this man spotted in Lagos is said to be of the same age grade with the President, he has the same complexion as the President, he is as tall as the President, slender in nature just like and talks like him, according to eye witnesses. 

This amazed a lot of people on the street of Lagos who came closed to the man's car to see whether who is right in front of them is not the president. 

"President Buhari who hails from the North, a Fulani by tribe and a native of Daura in Katsina state was said to have been spotted in Lagos (by people who think the man the see is the president) as a taxi driver" - this was what attracted onlookers to the scene to see for themselves what people were saying. 

In this technology age that we are in, people believe in pictorial evidences more than any other thing. Thats the more reason why we came with our phones to snap and video- Eyewitness

Another Eyewitness who spoke to our correspondence said that, he almost believe what he saw, I think the president should ask his mom if she is still alive if he has a twin brother- he said.

This is not the first time people are spotted looking exactly like the public figure in the society, we have seen people who looks exactly like Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, Jay Z, a celebrity in America, Silvester Stallion, a movie Star, the late 2Pac Shakur  and many others.

This however, caused a serious hold up on Friday around Ilupeju area of Lagos State with many trying to see for themselves the mystery man who many believes may be a twin brother to the President.
We believe he should go find out his history, he might be related to the President- eyewitness
pictures of the mystery man at different times