Confusion as South African Inmate and a Warden were caught sharing a Kiss in Prison

Confusion as South African Inmate and a Warden were caught sharing a Kiss in Prison

A married South African Prison warden whose name was withheld as at the time of writing this report was reportedly caught red-handed with a prisoner sharing a kiss in the early hours of Monday. 

Sources disclosed that Mrs. Warden who works at the West Ville Prison, Kwazulu-Natal was caught with an inmate sharing an intimate moments when she came to work in the morning.

The inmate Mr. Mofasa who is a Zulu by tribe was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for a Rape crime in 2019. 

The mystery warden who is a married woman was transferred to the West Ville Prison sometimes july, 2020 from Pretoria leaving the husband and two children behind. 

Mrs. Warden (the name we would like to call her) Was said to have been a good and very dutiful woman. 

She plays with some of the inmates whenever she's free, she also plays with her colleagues, she is just a very jovial woman- Anne

We didn't expect this from our colleague in any way; considering the way and manner she carries herself both at work and at home- Annabella

Mrs. Warden who is barely a year in her new office was caught sharing a kiss with Mr. Mofasa who was convicted of rape in 2019 by the supreme Court in KwaZulu-Natal.
The duo was caught in the early hours on Monday at about 08:34 am at a corner in the prison yard.

"We took a picture of them as an evidence for her not to deny having such an illegal affair with an inmate. 

She was caught red-handed, the act is against the Constitution of South Africa. We promise that due process will be followed in this case"- Sinzul

Mrs.Warden's co- workers believed that her action is a shame not only to them, but to the entire prison staff and female wardens all over South Africa. They also promise to clear their names by allowing the law to take it's course on Mrs. Warden's case.

The minister of Justice and Correctional Services in South Africa, 
Mr. Ronald Lamola has promised to use the woman to serve as deterrent to others who might be planning or are already involved in sexual activities with any inmate in the country.

The investigation is ongoing, and the woman will be charged to court when our investigation is complete.
Mrs Warden and her Husband