Breaking: Rwanda Government has closed down Thousands of Churches and dozens of Mosques, turns them into Factory

Breaking: Rwanda Government has closed down Thousands of Churches and dozens of Mosques, turns them into Factory

The government of Rwanda has once again done the unthinkable by clamping down on religious centers in Kigali which is the capital of Rwanda in a bid to curtail excessive noise pollution in the capital 

This was made known in a statement by a government official who alledged that there's always noise pollution in the city centers because of the singing, dancing and praying by religious centers in the capital.

 President Kagame who is celebrating 21 solid years in office as the president of Rwanda said that he was shocked by the high number of churches in towns and villages around Kigali the capital. 

The government reportedly closed down about 4000 Churches in the capital, 700 more in the surbubs and dozens of Mosques. The government alledged that that high number of worship centers in the capital is not so good for the lives of worshipers as some churches are said to be running shift on Sundays in the same building.
The president also said that that kind of high number of worship centers is only good for a developed economy.

We have too many worship centers and we have very few industries and business. People are languishing in poverty all over the country, imagine if we have over 4000 industries in the capital alone, won't many people be employed? He added. 

The closure of the Churches and mosques around the Capital has led many into talking bad about the government, with a human right group accusing him of not allowing freedom of religion in the country which is said to be against the Constitution of Rwanda. 

Paul Kagame however denied the claims urging everyone to see reasons with him. Some cleargy men in the country numbering about 6, very recently teamed up to protest the closure of their worship centers, they ended up being arrested and charged with "Conspiracy with bad intentions" . 
While people condemn the action of the government, the government claims it's tackling illegal church and mosque buildings which does not follow the accepted standards 
Closing down worship centers might be a welcome development if the site is going to be used judiciously to the good of the people of Rwanda -Health Minister

Rwandan Legislator will pass a bill very soon, anybody who may like to be a pastor or won a church must have a theologian degree for you to be allowed to pastor or won a church on Rwandan soil - Etermoh

Paul Kagame who has been the president of the people of Rwanda for over 20 years is being accused by the media and the international community as a dictator. 

Just like Paul Biya of Cameroon, Paul Kagame since he came to office in the year 2000 has remained in office afterwards. 

This shows that Africa is still somehow a backward continent of our time, the fascinating thing about the whole thing is that the people under these presidents seems comfortable with having one President for a long time. 

Paul Biya of Cameroon is definitely going to be a life President just like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. Africans needs to wake up- King