Beeaking: Petition against Kogi Governor, Yahaya Bello has been Submitted to the US Embassy- Dino Melaye

Beeaking: Petition against Kogi Governor, Yahaya Bello has been Submitted to the US Embassy- Dino Melaye

The fight between Senator Dino Melaye and the executive Governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Bello seems not to have an end insight just yet, as Senator Dino Melaye in collaboration with "Anti-Corruption Network" submitted a petition against the serving Governor of kogi state,  Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello in the early hours of Monday, being 1st of March, 2021.

The former Senator representing Kogi west, Senator Dino Melaye who has been a strong critic of his home state Governor, has done the unthinkable again by writing many pages of petition against the Governor of Kogi State, Governor Yahaya Bello.

Disclosing this on his twitter handle, Senator Dino Melaye expressed immeasurable joy and was full of thankfulness to God for the ability to review the carlous and corrupt government of the sitting Governor of Kogi State. 

He said he is happy for the success of the petition so far and vowed the governor must not go free with the alledged allegation of money laundering, mis appropriation of funds and awarding of contracts to illegal contractors amongst many others. 

The petition was submitted to the new Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC Chairman, Mr. Mohammed Umar Abba being the very first petttition he has received since he assumed office. 

Senator Dino in collaboration with Anti-Corruption Network went further to submit the petttition also in US Embassy in Abuja, ICPC, British High Commission and Transparency International.

 In the petition, Dino Melaye alledged that the governor cashed out 12 billion Naira in 2018 alone.
He also alledged that the governor withdrew 10 million naira from Kogi state government account 40 times the same year totalling 400 million naira, apart from 12 Billion naira. 

He added that the 400 Million naira was withdrawn from Kogi state government's account in a single day.

 Dino Melaye seems to be so sure of what he is saying as he drops videos on his Twitter handle. 
According to him, the corruption of Hahaha Bello in Kogi state is very massive and no one is saying anything about it. 

Yahaya Bello as a Governor have not been able to pay full pension to pensioners in the state since he assumed office as the governor. 
His government has been so oppressive to retired workers in the state. He then called the relevant agencies to act fast on the alleged corruption petition to bring the governor to justice