A New line of Shoes Sponsored by the Church of Satan has a drop of Blood in it

A New line of Shoes Sponsored by the Church of Satan has a drop of Blood in it

"The end of days is nigh" you may say you have been hearing this for a very long time, but from what is happening around the world, and from the way things are going, the end of time is really nigh.

A new line of shoes which is proudly named "Satan Shoes" produced by Nike, in collaboration with MSCHF, a company located in Brooklyn, New York City in the United States of America also in collaboration with rapper Lil Nas X, an American rapper have come together to produce a new line of shoe which has a drop of blood in it. 

The weird shoe which will sell for $1,018 a pair was said to have a drop of blood in it from some donors who are also the staff of the MSCHF company. According to one of the founders of MSCHF, sacrifice is just a cool word for the act of our staff. 

We needed human blood for sacrifice for the new shoe line, and some of our staff donated their blood for the success of our new line of product which is one of a kind, he said.

The shoe which is nothing different (in terms of style) from all other shoes that have been on ground has become very different, truely one of a kind, and the first of it's kind everyone has ever seen in this life. 
This is because this shoe has human blood as part of the ingredients, making the so called "Satan's Shoes" the weirdest shoe on the planet. 

The shoe has Luke 10:18 written boldly by the side; This is where it was written that "I saw the devil falling down like a lightening".

Mr. Daniel Greenberg who is one of the founders of the company said that a drop of blood is mixed together with the Ink which was used for the shoes.

When Mr. Greenberg was asked through email by one of the reporters that who collected the blood? His reply was " "Uuuuuhh there haha not medical professionals, we collected the blood ourselves".
He went further to say that not much blood was collected, about Six people donated their blood for the Nike Air Max 97, he said about Six of them on the team have their blood to be added to the ink used to produce the new Air Max 97, Mr. Greenberg said.
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