Panic as Group calls for President Buhari's resignation or Impeachment over worsening Insecurity

Panic as Group calls for President Buhari's resignation or Impeachment over worsening Insecurity

Security of a country is supposed to be the number one important thing  in the mind of any Commander in Chief but in Nigeria,-Group said|Tiz Naija

President Muhammad Buhari is been asked by a Coalition Group for Greater Nigeria to step down or get Impeached by the National Assembly

  The president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammad Buhari who came into power after defeating his major opponent of the People  Democratic Party, PDP,  Dr. Goodluck  Ebeble Jonathan has been on the news for wrong reasons again.

 The president who came into power with a promise of fighting corruption and defeating insurgency and terrorism seems to have lost the fight against insecurity in his second term in office. 

Mr.Buhari who was reelected to the office in 2019 with a promise to do more on security issues has come under fire after failing to tackle the many security challenges facing the country. 

Tiz Naija gathered that The coalition has expressed dissatisfaction in the present administration in terms of fighting terrorism and called for a change in the government as soon as possible. 

 Just like any concerned Nigerians, the Buhari led administration has failed woefully in his primary responsibility of ensuring the security and welfare of Nigerians. 

A coalition comprising of about 43 Frontline civil society organization and Mr. Femi Falana's firm have asked the president either to honorably resign from the office, considering the present situation in the country or risk being removed  from the office by the National Assembly. This is one of the five points demands released by the coalition in a statement made available to the press.
Alot of Nigerians are being kidnapped or killed on a daily basis, farmers and hearders clash has been on the increase since the administration came into being. The very recent adoption is the adoption of the Kagara students in the dead of the night while sleeping in their hostels at night. 

Eyewitnesses recounts that the bandits came into the school premises in the dead of the night, kidnapped over 50 students alongside some staff of the school with no help from the security operatives during the whole Operation.

The students were taking to the bush leaving the parents helpless and crying for help. A report from Tiz Naija  correspondent indicated that one student was fatally shot while trying to escape during the adoption. Many Nigerians have died in their homes as a result of banditory, no one has been arrested and persecuted for this dastardly behavior which have claimed thousands of life with no end to the crisis insight. Instead the government dialogue with bandits and pay ransomed to secure the release of Nigerians, there by enriching kidnappers and making it more lucrative to many more jobless youths in the country-King.
Joblessness is on the rise, inflation, economy is crumbling, Nepotism, lopsided appointments and many more sins of this present administration have done more harm than good for the people of Nigeria. This administration has shown gross incompetence in it's entirety and should not be allowed to continue, Samuel Said.