I am not the owner of Enyo Filling Station, Kogi State deputy Governor cries out

I am not the owner of Enyo Filling Station, Kogi State deputy Governor cries out

The deputy Governor of Kogi State, Chief Edward Onoja has come out on social media to debunk rumors about him owning a popular filling station that is all around the country, "Enyo" filling station.

The present deputy Governor of Kogi state, Chief Edward Onoja on Sunday has come out to debunk rumors circulating both online and offline about him being the sole owner of one of the most popular filling stations in the country, "Enyo Filling station". 
Let's have the background knowledge about Enyo Filling Station
Enyo Retail and Supply (ERS) filling station was established in 2017, although the owner of the filling station is not known, but rumor has it that the deputy Governor of Kogi State, Chief Edward Onoja could be the owner of the popular filling station. Enyo is affiliated with Folawiyo Energy, one of the leading players in the retailand supply industry in the country. Enyo filling station came into existence in 2018, just like with the speed of light, the filling station has already covered the 19 States of the federation and still counting. 

Just like Oando, PLC,  which is considered the biggest ever in Africa, Enyo filling station is no doubt set to  overtake Oando as it has spread from Lagos to 19 States of the federation with their station almost every where in every city of Nigeria in just 3 years of Operation. 
For those that are still confused about Oando, Oando is considered to be Nigeria's biggest oil and gas company with a production out put of 43,0000 barrels , that is 6,800 cubic meters per day of oil equivalent. For more than 10 years, no other indigenous oil and gas company that could still do more than Oando.

Just like Enyo filling station, it is being speculated that Oando is owned and managed by the former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Olusegun, Aremu, Obasanjo who was both the military President and the first civilian President of the country. 

Obasanjo made history in Nigeria by being taken out of prison to contest for the office of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a civilian. Obasanjo eventually won the 1999 election and was sworn in as a civilian president. He held the position for 8 years before handing over to Late Umar Musa Yar'adua who unfortunately died in office in 2008, making the then Vice president of Nigeria, Dr. Good luck, Ebele Jonathan to succeed him as the president of Nigeria. 

The deputy Governor of Kogi State is believed to be the sole owner and founder of Enyo Retail and Supply (ERS) because of this few reasons.

Enyo filling station is believed to be clearly owned by an Igala man from Kogi state because of the name "Enyo" which is interpreted as "Blessing"  an unconfirmed source told our reporter that Chief Edward Onoja's daughter is named "ENYO".

Another Source told @tiznaija  that someone was sent to Lagos center to be employed, who he, Edward Onoja recommended to the manager of Lagos branch signing his letter as the Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) of Enyo Retail and Supply group.
But it appears in the screenshot below where Edward Onoja blatantly denied owning or having anything to do with Enyo group. He was accused by being accused by a follower who ask him to execute a community project. 

The follower told Edward Onoja to remember the community that elected them, adding that the money he used to build his filling station across the country is big enough to execute at least one project in Kogi State.
The Question is who is not saying the truth? Could it be the follower or the the Chief?
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