Breaking: Stay away from Kogi State, federal Government warn Nigerians

Breaking: Stay away from Kogi State, federal Government warn Nigerians

Corona Virus since it's out break from the city of Wuhan China in December, 2019, has been a major challenge to the economy  of many countries, not only around Africa, but the world at large.
Governor Yahaya Bello

Since the outbreak of Corona Virus, also known as Covid-19, the economy of countries and that of the whole world has been crippled as some biggest economies of the world we know today, like United States of America (USA), China and United Kingdom are struggling to keep up with their status as biggest economies of the world. 

As the pandemic continues to reck havoc through out the world, a lot of measures is being taken by many countries in the world in a bid to combact this deadly virus of which Nigeria is not left out in the fight against the pandemic; as we have been battling the pandemic for almost a year. As real and as dangerous as the virus could be, it might interest you to know that people have different opinions towards the reality of this enemy of mankind. You the reader may be part of those who  obviously believe that the virus does not exist.

People believe the Virus does not exist
Corona virus have killed millions of people around the world today and still killing, but very unfortunately, some people believe the virus does not exist. 
Some think the whole virus thing is a made up stuff and blame the government for trying to syphon money from the treasury account through this so called Corona Virus of a thing. Since the the outbreak of Covid-19, millions of infections have been recorded, millions of fatalities have also been recorded and still counting. 
The United States of America alone recorded almost half of the fatality in the world, the US has been leading in the number of infections on a daily basis.

Back to Nigeria where we have been having record breaking rates of infections lately
Nigeria as the largest economy in Africa have been battling the pandemic since it first surfaces in the country in March February, 2020.

 The government from all indication is trying her best to curb the spread of Corona virus in Nigeria, but it appears that some doubting thamoses do sabotage the many efforts of the government of the day by disobeying the safety protocols and guidelines put in place by the government of the day to curb the spread of the virus. 
Due to an outbreak of Covid-19 in the country, Nigeria was shut down twice. There was both partial and total lockdown both national and states. 

There was travel restrictions, every governor, as the chief security of their different states complied with the federal government in shutting down their states, but the governor of Kogi State who is also a member of the ruling party seems to have a different views about the ravaging virus. 
He vehemently refused to believe that Covid-19 is in Kogi State. Adding that the federal government should stop instilling fear and panics in people.
Covid-19 team were sent to the state but he refused them entry into the state and insisted that they should be isolated for 14 days.
As he, the governor of Kogi State is always adamant in believing there's Corona virus in the state, the federal government now resorted to warning the rest of Nigerians to stay away from Kogi State as the second wave of covid-19 is on the increase. This was announced by the presidential spoke person, Mr Garba Shehu on Twitter.