Breaking: Airpeace made history by taking delivery of a brand new Aircraft first in Africa (See pictures)

Breaking: Airpeace made history by taking delivery of a brand new Aircraft first in Africa (See pictures)

Air Peace has taken a delivery of the African first brand new E195-E2 Aircraft in Africa, this was announced on their Twitter handle on the 30th of January, 2020.

According to Air Peace company's official Twitter handler, the jet was delivered on the 28th of January 2021 in Lagos Nigeria.
E195-E courier is a product and the newest model of E-jet E2 family. 

The Brazil made airline is said to be very efficient and trustworthy when it comes to it's operation as the company said they combined technology, Ideas, Skill and professionalism in producing the Jet.
Airpeace is a Nigerian owned private airline company, founded in 2013 by Mr. Allen Onyema with the sole aim of bringing the world and the Nigerian people closer.
Onyema who is from the Eastern part of Nigeria has shown to many young men like him that impossible is nothing. 
He Allen Onyema) as a young man went to Lagos in 1990 after completing his education to look for job in a law firm being his field, before working his dream out. The airline started in 2013, took delivery of 4 carriers which costs a whopping sum of N45 billion naira. Since then, the company has been moving from strength to strength. Airpeace became more popular when the company single-handedly evacuated hundreds of Nigerians stranded in South Africa during the Xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and some few Africans in 2017. 
The New E195-E2 Jet
They were commended Nationwide for taking that bold step to evacuate Nigerians from South Africa. That singular act made a lot of name for the company, many people in Nigeria and Africa got to know about them, in return, the company smiles to the bank.
They were also responsible for evacuating most Nigerians stranded overseas during the early wave of Covid-19 in 2020. 

They flew across Africa to bring back Nigerian citizens at a subsidized rate. They were also responsible for flying to China and bringing the famous six Chinese Doctors in 2020 before the late chief of staff to the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, malllam Abba Kyari's death. They also flew to Europe, UK, including Turkey, Islamabad, Libya to bring back Nigerians.
According to the report, Allen Onyema, the CEO of Airpeace is married to a Logo born woman who hails from the Igala Kingdom, Mrs. Ojochide Onyema. The duo are blessed with beautiful children with a networth of over N500 million
Below are the pictures of the newly acquired Jet