Breaking: My Wife, My Daughter and Myself were Covid-19 Positive -Peter Okoye

Breaking: My Wife, My Daughter and Myself were Covid-19 Positive -Peter Okoye

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus from the city of Wuhan in China last year November,  the world has been on her toes looking for possible cure for this pandemic  as it ravages different nations on earth.  
Coronavirus alias Covid-19 is a type of pandemic that the world have not seen or heard of in generations.  Although history has it that there was a virus that broke out in the year 1912. Experts said that the virus was just like Coronavirus. The virus ended up killing millions of people,  rendered the world 's economy bankrupt and left millions of people with no jobs. Nations were forced to lockdown just as we see it now- he said. 
Back in Nigeria, 

 Peter Okoye of former "P Square",  made a shocking revelation in a two minutes video on the most dreaded infection yet known to man. In the video,  he openly confessed to his fans about him and his family being positive for covid-19. This has left the fans and the well wishers in awe. Recall that the first celebrity to have tested for the virus was a photographer who flew in from London to attend Movie and Television award night in late march this year. After the MVCA award, he became down with symptoms of Covid-19. He was prevented from flying back to London. As he was isolated,  tested and treated. Another case was Chioma,  Davido's fiancee who came back to Nigeria with covid-19 after her tour in the United  Kingdom with Davido. 
Peter Okoye is the third celebrity who openly admitted that he was covid-19 positive with the little daughter and the wife.  
When contacted by Tiz Naija on the issue,  he said; 

"Yes,  I had coronavirus, I didn't know i was infected. My wife and my little girl were infected too. Thank God we are now negative.  We are fine now". 
He further advised every one to stay safe and keep to the safety rules.